We love enjoying the outdoor life 365 days!

We’re the sort of people who spend more time outside the house than inside. We like the beach, the countryside, a terrace or an urban park. Even better if the weather is good. But if it isn’t, we don’t let it spoil our day.

We have an open, enthusiastic and cosmopolitan approach to life in the open air, so we never stop thinking about new formulas for enjoying outdoor living in all kinds of environments and surroundings at any time of year, whatever the weather.

We’re particularly keen on ideas that express new lifestyles, with a free and easy, creative attitude to being outside.

Our designs don’t shy away from colour or from experimenting with shapes and materials; they explore new concepts or turn existing notions upside down. There’s no room for more of the same in our design strategy.

We know there are Diabla people all over the world… they’re as unconventional and unpredictable as we are. They have bold, colourful, original, elegant personalities; they search for creative designs for stylish settings.

And you, do you have a Diabla attitude?


We’re a new brand but we’re not new

DIABLA is a new Gandia Blasco Group brand. We have the backing of this prestigious Spanish firm with close to eight decades of experience in the domestic and international contemporary design market.

Gandia Blasco Group is acclaimed across the world for being a pioneering, cutting-edge company that has taken outdoor furniture design to a new level and come up with novel textile solutions with its second brand: GAN. At Diabla we share the same philosophy of our sister brands, taking a fresh look at everything, standing out from the rest with a style that’s more free and easy, casual, bold and cosmopolitan.

Our collections are developed with the support of resources and knowledge accumulated by Gandia Blasco Group on design, production and business development culture. To lead this new challenge we’re relying on architect Sara Romero, founding partner of the Romero Vallejo studio and someone who has been working with us for years.

We're excited by... Things that consciously and intelligently buck the trend, coming up with something fresh and original. We love things that are fun, innovative, experimental and even shocking. But not just anything that happens to have the "wow" factor. Style according to Diabla Our tendency to think out of the box makes us distinctive but not outlandish. In fact, we like seducing without fireworks, by using ideas and details, which is where we believe true style and elegance are found. Creativity, a way of life It rules every step we take, it’s a crucial factor that goes far beyond our design strategy. We apply it to everything, it's the way we do business and it’s our lifestyle. For Diabla, creativity isn't just a way of designing, it's a way of life. Unrepentant non-conformists We support divergent thinking and transgression as a way of questioning ourselves and reformulating new lifestyles that are possible in the here and now, promoting not just experimental projects and initiatives but new talent too. Curious by nature We're fascinated by diversity. We like travelling, talking to people, getting to know different cultures, being involved in all sorts of new projects... and using all this knowledge to work on proposals with concepts and creative design that have international appeal. A more inspiring world We're convinced that the creativity, curiosity, fresh outlook and experimentation that we apply is the best formula for shying away from stereotypes. This is the only way we can build an inspiring universe for ourselves and for others.

GANDÍA BLASCO S.A. has always adapted to needs of a constantly evolving market, based on principles and values which are deeply rooted in the organisation, with design and quality that have made it a sector benchmark.
Quality policy

ISO 9001
GANDÍA BLASCO S.A. has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the following activities: design, manufacturing and commercialization of Outdoor Furniture, Rugs, Textiles and Outdoo Lighting.

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