Diabla Spaces: Eastern Columbia Lofts

12 June, 2024
We immerse ourselves into the golden age of cinema to celebrate its valuable architectural heritage, a journey through dreamlike temples, which, around movie...
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Diabla Spring 2024: Theatrical, colorful and outdoors

21 May, 2024
The freshness and joy of the most vibrant season stays with us all year round through our new outdoor fabrics inspired by the Commedia dell'Arte and its ...
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Diabla Spaces: BuGaan Pattanakarn

7 May, 2024
BuGaan, located in the vibrant Pattanakarn district of Bangkok, Thailand, is a residential project developed by Sansiri PLC. Its four units seamlessly blend ...
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Diabla at the Salone del Mobile. Milano 2024

25 April, 2024
The new VALENTINA UP chair, ambassador of the brand's creative attitude in a stand inspired by the beauty and tranquility of nature and the outdoors, relying...
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Diabla Spaces: Le Lumière

23 April, 2024
We immerse ourselves in the golden years of cinema to celebrate its valuable architectural heritage, a journey through dreamlike temples that, around movie ...
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Diabla in the guest room of ARCOmadrid x Burr Architecture Studio

15 March, 2024
Our creative and restless lifestyle represented Gandia Blasco Group from March 6-10 at ARCOmadrid. The design poufs COSTURAS, by Teresa Sapey + Partners, ...
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Diabla Colors: New fabrics, new looks

29 February, 2024
Our outdoor furniture is adorned with cutting-edge designs, showcasing creativity through various features that add value to each piece. Distinctive and ...
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Diabla Spaces: Old Daisy Theater

6 February, 2024
We immerse ourselves in the golden years of cinema to celebrate its valuable architectural heritage, a journey through dreamlike temples that, around movie ...
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Featuring the latest Diabla designs, Gandia Blasco Group’s Outdoor Catalog 2024

11 January, 2024
In the new outdoor catalog of Gandia Blasco Group, we invite you to inhabit the architecture of the most emblematic cinematic temples with our latest ...
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Icy Outdoors

28 November, 2023
Let’s contemplate the beauty of extreme landscapes. Outdoor furniture that delves into glacial landscapes, motivated by the imminent threat these marvelous ...
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Diabla Chairs: Simple and versatile, but with a twist

31 October, 2023
Our furniture transcends functionality to enhance the living experience, as well as the boundaries between indoors and outdoors to create limitless habitats ...
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Diabla Talks: Miranda Makaroff

5 October, 2023
Miranda Makaroff is a multidisciplinary artist: she paints, designs, acts and sculpts. However, as a whole, she celebrates women and gives life to their ...
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Diabla Talks: Nan-Jeong Lee

5 October, 2023
Nan-Jong Lee 이난정 aka nizinanjjang is one of the most popular Korean influencers: a fashionista with a great taste who has been mastering the art of social ...
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Diabla spaces x Miranda & Nanjeong

5 October, 2023
Inspiring universes of color and style. In the world of creativity and design, weat Diabla have found in Miranda Makaroff and Nanjeong Lee two kindred ...
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Diabla Café

13 September, 2023
Geometry and Color to Make Blush Urban Contract Spaces. Outdoor life is meant to be enjoyed, even in the perfect corners for urban spirits.Now is the time ...
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Diabla Resort

26 July, 2023
Spaces blended with nature. Our collections go beyond being a mere addition to the landscape: they become an intrinsic part of the environment, providing ...
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Small spaces full of personality

7 July, 2023
Turning necessity into a virtue, ‘small living’ has become a prominent trend in homes that, as a result of their limited space, need to awaken the senses to ...
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Oasis Diabla en La Rinascente

1 June, 2023
Launching the summer season with two pop-up shops in La Rinascente in Milan and Turin. We expand our presence in Italy with a new retail formula that conveys...
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Urban Garden Diabla

25 May, 2023
In green oases hidden in the city, with EASY, GRILL and PLOID we showcase harmony between furniture and nature in urban and...
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Diabla at the Salone del Mobile. Milano 2023

27 April, 2023
In the stand made by Mayice Studio, Diabla’s new creations have been an invitation to restless spirits and lovers of the unknown to discover new creative ...
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We unveil our novelties in the Outdoor 2023 Catalogue

12 January, 2023
We are introducing new collections to fill the Gandia Blasco Group's outdoor universe with...
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May the cold find us enjoying ourselves. The savage beauty of nature.

14 December, 2022
Temperatures are dropping, or so it seems... our new Diabla's collections invite us to get together and enjoy the outdoors starring the most beautiful ...
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PATOSO, winner at the DNA Paris and Archiproducts Design Awards and NYCxDESIGN Awards 2022

2 December, 2022
The charismatic pouf with legs designed by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco continues to reap success, and on this occasion wins the highest awards at the...
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Dare to gift

22 November, 2022
And you, are you more of a giver or a receiver? We have set out to fantasise about what gift we would give to some of our referents, icons and masters of design
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Changes and makeover special

6 October, 2022
Autumn is a time to harvest creativity and plan new adventures with our latest Diabla designs. The season of transition, autumn, is for us a multifaceted ...
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Diabla at Hábitat Valencia 2022 x Kengo Kuma

29 September, 2022
Sobriety and a touch of color. Diabla's latest proposals to enjoy the outdoors...
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Diabla Talks: Kitten Kay Sera

26 July, 2022
Kitten Kay Sera, also known as the world’s pinkest lady, is a woman who, since her birthday in 1980, only dresses and decorates her house in pink-a color to ...
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23 June, 2022
New collections to refresh the summer with an extra of creativity. Summer is for resting, but also for adventure. A mixture of both is the perfect...
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Diabla at the Salone del Mobile Milano 2022

14 June, 2022
CALCETÍN, PATOSO, COSTURAS, VALENTINA UP, BALCONI and the expansion of the TRIP family are the launches that the youngest firm of Gandia Blasco Group ...
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Diabla Talks: Sustainable design by Oiko

3 June, 2022
Since its early days, Diabla has not stopped focusing on innovative materials. Today, with the aim of continuing to strengthen the link between outdoor ...
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PATOSO, design awarded at the 2022 NYCxDESIGN Awards

19 May, 2022
The legged-pouf designed by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco wins first place in the “Outdoor Seating” categoryThe creative poufs take stage on the podium of the...
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Diabla Hotels: La Cala Suites Lanzarote

7 April, 2022
Located on the sea-front on Playa Blanca, the southern coast of Lanzarote, La Cala Suites Hotel offers wonderful panoramic views of beautiful Canary coves...
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Diabla Spring 2022: Adventure Accomplished

1 March, 2022
New designs to enjoy the season of splendor outdoors. There is a lot of uniqueness in our environment and, precisely because we are...
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We join Madrid Design Festival 2022 one more year #RediseñarElMundo

24 February, 2022
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Diabla’s attitude breaks into the digital world: a new creative magazine-style website

17 February, 2022
The Diabla red runs through the veins of the latest digital project signed by the P.A.R. studio. After working on the 2021 catalogue and on the 2022 annex, the Barcelona design and creative direction studio...
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Diabla 2022 Annex

27 January, 2022
The journey begun with the 2021 Diabla catalogue was conceived at a time marked by the impossibility of leaving home. This gave free rein to the imagination ...
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Diabla Spaces: Diabla Winter with ARP

13 January, 2022
Whitesnow is synonymous with light in Diabla outdoor environments. The visual tour “Diabla Spaces: Enjoy the Great Outdoors” dedicates to winter...
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16 December, 2021
The winter does not stop Diabla on our journey through enchanting places,embraced by nature in its wildest state. The passion to discover ...
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Keys to have a big time within small spaces– Chapter 1

15 November, 2021
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Diabla Spaces: Otoño Diabla con Lilly

21 October, 2021
This modular outdoor furniture, designed by Democràcia Estudio, makes versatility its maximum and adapts to all kinds of spaces to dress ....
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Diabla Talks: Editorial concept and graphic design – P.A.R

16 October, 2021
Whatever they touch turns to gold. Iris Tarraga and Lucía Castro from P.A.R have taken responsibility for the editorial concept and graphic design of our...
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Diabla Talks: Photography – Sonia Sabnani

16 October, 2021
As the photographer of the designs and models, Sonia Sabnani was crucial in the execution process of the photos that were transformed into the scenes...
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Diabla Catalogue 2021: behind the scenes

8 October, 2021
Meet the minds behind a visual symphony of the four seasons that celebrates the desire to enjoy the world's most unique landscapes in the company of original de
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Autumn Diabla

9 September, 2021
During the season of metamorphosis, we once again travel through dreamy places to embrace the astonishing rarity, intensity and the rough ...
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Going for a dip with Diabla: Las Boas Ibiza

14 July, 2021
From the iconic photographs of Slim Aarons to the aquatic spectacles in the films of Esther Williams, the Hollywood mermaid, to the signature works of ...
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Diabla Spaces: A tribute to urban terraces, we dream of a wild summer in the city

22 June, 2021
This is how the brand's most graphic collection, GRILL, embraces the summer season in an incredible natural landscape with its new designs ...
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8 June, 2021
This year we travel to the extraordinary places and unusual landscapes that nature has to offer, some real and some imaginary. Dreaming ....
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Petit grand café in Versailles with MUT Design and Alejandra Gandía-Blasco

27 April, 2021
Our new catalogue “Enjoying the Great Outdoors” encourages us to explore dream landscapes accompanied by pieces that, back in reality, leave us with the ...
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Diabla Spring

23 March, 2021
This year we take a trip to extraordinary places and unusual landscapes, some real and some imaginary. Dreaming...
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The 5 topics for a 2021 with a Diabla attitude

19 January, 2021
More creativity, color and outdoors from the hand of the most avant-garde spirit brand of Gandia Blasco Group
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