We unveil our novelties in the Outdoor 2023 Catalogue

12 January, 2023

We are introducing new collections to fill the Gandia Blasco Group’s outdoor universe with colour

The pages of our new Outdoor 2023 catalogue express the outdoor lifestyle of the company’s three brands. A universe that brings together the three differentiated and, in turn, compatible brands GANDIABLASCO, GAN –Outdoor line only–, and DIABLA.

The group’s youngest brand takes a casual and creative approach to the design of its proposals, designed for nomadic lifestyles and different habitats, as well as for domestic and contract spaces.

Furniture and accessories that are not afraid of colour and experimentation, that go beyond the norm with originality and freshness. Our brand’s latest novelties are portrayed in inspirational outdoor scenes, with pieces such as: CACAO by Odosdesign, EASY by Rocío Gambín, PLIER by OiKo Design, and TUBA by Samuel Wilkinson.

“DIABLA originates from the dozens of proposals received over the years, from the new ways of understanding the habitat, from the nomadic life marked by the new generations, with an inspirational, jovial and casual attitude, without fear of colour. DIABLA’s curious attitude explores new lifestyles and experiencing outdoor spaces.”

Alejandra Gandía-Blasco


CACAO, EASY, PLIER and TUBA: the Latest from DIABLA

CACAO, the Design that Takes a Splash

When we say that at DIABLA we like to go a step further with our proposals, suggesting new ways of enjoying the outdoors, we mean designs like CACAO by Odosdesign. It can be a mat to use in the water, whether in a pool, on the beach, or in a lake. But also, a comfortable lounger if placed on its structure, for sunbathing, or resting under a palm tree. Its inflatable feature and the fact that the structure is removable, makes it easy to take anywhere.

The aesthetic of CACAO is inspired by the squares of a chocolate bar. However, placed on its structure, its folds seek to emulate upholstery–also reminiscent of the classic divan from the Barcelona series by Mies van der Rohe. Therefore, its striking and fun aesthetics on the outside become even more original if placed in an interior. A versatile, lightweight and easily transportable design, ideal for new nomadic lifestyles.

“We wanted to experiment with inflatables from another, more sophisticated point of view for the outdoors.”


EASY: Uncomplicated Design for Demanding Spaces

EASY, by Rocío Gambín, is DIABLA’s most sociable chair. That free spirit of the bunch that gets along with everyone. Popular not because of its pretty face, but because of its open, simple and adaptable personality. A long-term winner, consistent and stable. And its design has been specifically conceived to fit into multiple styles and types of environments for a long time. And so it does, thanks to its synthetic and essential character, studied to the millimetre to provide the greatest versatility.

Available in versions with and without arms, they are accompanied by a side table that also functions as a stool. Made of aluminium, the different elements of the EASY collection are designed for outdoor use, whether for a small terrace of an apartment, in a cafeteria, or in a large collective and contract space, as they are easily stackable. Their range of colours and versatile aesthetics also make them suitable for indoor use, so they can be placed in both environments, permanently oraccording to need.

“In a design which is as synthesised as possible, any extra feature is superfluous. I love DIABLA’s attitude, its courage… It is not afraid to take risks and thanks to that, I have been able to develop a technically and aesthetically interesting product.”
Rocío Gambín

PLIER: Origami in Metal

PLIER is a creation of OiKo Design that arose from the desire to design a lightweight, stackable, single-material, resistant, everyday chair that could be produced without the need to make expensive moulds or use complex industrial processes. Thus, a succession of thin aluminium slats, laser-cut and bent into curves, continuously form its seat and backrest. In this way, the slats change from a flat surface to an enveloping surface, comfortably embracing the body.

Its approach and aesthetics have many connections with the plastic Monobloc models, so popular because of their affordability and comfort. Both chairs share certain values: they are lightweight, stackable, sturdy, comfortable and designed for everyday use. However, PLIER is entirely made of aluminium, which is an easily recyclable material, much more resistant to outdoor use and, consequently, sustainable. The simplicity of its aesthetic language also allows it to be used in indoor dining rooms.

“The key to PLIER’s design is the development of the seat and backrest by folding. Its curved, friendly surface comfortably embraces the body.”
OiKo Design

TUBA: Tubular Symphony in Aluminium

Unique, fun and intelligent, TUBA, by Samuel Wilkinson, is a true DIABLA chair. Its striking aesthetics, based on aluminium tubes, meticulously welded so that the eye does not perceive the joints, is an ingenious design that plays on the deception of appearing to be a soft and elastic material, when in reality it is rigid. Its tubular character and the points at which its studied curvatures are produced, offer this perception, banishing any hint of rigidity or tension on the part of the tubes.

The 19 pieces needed to make a TUBA chair, including the two pairs that act as legs and crossbars in the seat and backrest area, require a masterful work of the welding points to achieve such a clean and subtle aesthetic, as if the tubes were resting gracefully and spontaneously side by side. A truly original design, capable of providing an outdoor space with the sparkle, creativity and style that we seek to bring to DIABLA proposals.

“In essential chairs like TUBA I like to find uniqueness through aesthetics, materials or processes. TUBA’s design conforms to this methodology, and manages to be distinct from a single material, that of the repetitive components that build its structure.”
Samuel Wilkinson

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