Diabla Hotels: La Cala Suites Lanzarote

7 April, 2022

Outdoor spots to escape

Located on the sea-front on Playa Blanca, the southern coast of Lanzarote, La Cala Suites Hotel offers wonderful panoramic views of beautiful Canary coves.
It was inaugurated in 2019 and it reflects the sensory experiences of the island. It consists of 4 villas and 41 rooms distributed on two levels, and surrounded by outdoor spaces equipped with designs by Gandia Blasco Group’s brands, GANDIABLASCO and DIABLA.


Whereas the architectural and our Mediterranean essence, our outdoor furniture collections fits perfectly with the flair of this 5-star boutique hotel, DIABLA’s colorful and original furniture invites guests and visitors to enjoy the good weather and to connect with the natural environment in a creative way.

From a pop-style touch between supernatural landscapes to the formal play with architectural volumes

The organic lines that outline the hotel’s pool evoke the sinuous curves of the nearby shore. In the encounter among wood, stone and water, a blank transition emulates the foam of the waves as they reach the sand. The 356 chaiselongues, an original design by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and Pablo Gironés for DIABLA surround this oasis and they are an invitation to sunbathe with wet skin. Made in white and of 100% recyclable polyethylene, they are ergonomic and very resistant to intensive use, which makes them an ideal choice in contract projects such as La Cala Suites Hotel. In addition, thanks to their properties and their wavy shapes they are partially immersed, which generates a suggestive visual impact.

The solarium of the hotel welcomes other models of sun loungers, such as CHILL, the outdoor beds with reclining backrest by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales for GANDIABLASCO. On this occasion they have a white thermo-lacquered aluminium structure, whilst the mats and the cushions are made of waterproofed foam of polyurethane customized in pink, a tone that can be found in different elements of the decoration of the establishment. The practical outdoor tables part of the 356 collection are interspersed between each pair of CHILL loungers.

Comfort, design and color are brought together in an essential element: in contemporary materials it takes to the outdoors the feeling of warmth of an interior bed made. The DAYBED, an original design by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales for GANDIABLASCO, creates a sphere of intimacy that sifts the sunrays and the sea breeze through its plastic canvas. CHILL and DAYBED create a small customizable oasis that speaks GANDIABLASCO’s refined architectural language and they give life to contrasts with the informal and colorful soul of DIABLA’s designs.

Diabla pool bar

Brushstrokes in pink appear again in the pool bar area with VENT outdoor chairs and stackable stools by Made Studio, and MONA tables. They are both collections of DIABLA and they are perfect to endure long hours outdoors. While VENT stands out for the simple and austere aesthetic of its zinc-plated steel structure and rigid polyurethane, the one-legged MONA, at various heights, incorporates a phenolic circular board available in various diameters.

Near the shore…

In front of another side of the pool there are the STACK deckchairs with wheels, by Borja García for GANDIABLASCO. Thermo-lacquered in anthracite and white, they convey the essence of nautical aesthetics and they evoke the retro elegance of the 60s and 70s. They are stackable, easy to move, and resistant to UV rays and moisture thanks to their Batyline fabric body for outdoors.

Diabla private terraces

The PICNIC hammocks, as well as the STACK, are chosen for the terraces and the private gardens of some of the most exclusive suites. PICNIC, by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, is an iconic and lightweight design by GANDIABLASCO which, in its monochromatic version lacquered in pink, presents itself as especially colorful and unique. PICNIC reinterprets the traditional chairs and hammocks of the previous year made of wood and fabric, with new materials, colours and in contemporary proportions. It provides a casual, reclining and folding design to enjoy every small or large open terrace.

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