May the cold find us enjoying ourselves. The savage beauty of nature.

14 December, 2022

Temperatures are dropping, or so it seems… our new Diabla‘s collections invite us to get together and enjoy the outdoors starring the most beautiful landscapes that the planet has to offer. Extraordinary places with extreme conditions, which respond to the instinct to explore new territories to inhabit them in an original way. The most ground breaking poufs, armchairs, chairs, tables and hammocks of the youngest brand of Gandia Blasco Group join a journey through the most beautiful natural landscapes, inviting you to dream of being there. If need be, with a good blanket to protect us from the cold and admire its rough charm.

Diabla respects and admires nature, we are inspired by it. The pandemic was characterised by the impossibility of leaving home, this gave free rein to the imagination and, true to our nonconformism, we created the most stimulating and colorful environments, mimicking our designs in extraordinary places, some inhospitable but real and others as architectural as illusory. Over the past few seasons, Diabla’s collections have contributed to showcasing a reality that we are called upon to both explore and care for.


Among them, the shores of Lake Baikal. The second largest freshwater reservoir in the world becomes a unique and surprising setting for free spirits, who seek to give an original touch to their outdoor and even indoor spaces: the icy surfaces move towards a confusing destination full of new opportunities.

Few lakes can compete with Baikal in terms of biodiversity. Our new collections blend into a landscape open to all kinds of conditions, shining on the unique clarity of its icy waters.

Let yourself be surprised by the comfort and lightness of PATOSO, a pouf with legs as its hallmark. The ability of CALCETÍN to delimit environments, perennial or changing according to the season. The COSTURAS poufs with their intentional geometry, reminiscent of snowflakes, and their surprising lines. Also, the TRIP series and its nomadic style, or VALENTINA UP with its simplicity of elements giving prominence to the cushions in tribute to the Hispanic-Arabic and Asian culture.

And while we glare at the crazy thermometers, Diabla’s collections allow us to enjoy the space, crossing the boundaries between outdoors and indoors.

A twist to everyday objects.

The ability to cross borders and the conversion of the relaxed beanbag furniture into the most solemn armchair are the raisons d’être of PATOSO. More than a pouf, this surprising design by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco is inspired by the teachings of master Achille Castiglioni and has won an award at the NYCxDesign Awards 2022, in the “Outdoor seating” category. Another wildlife specimen that is ready to hibernate after a long warm season, and that optimizes its space thanks to the soft lines of the CALCETIN room divider. A soft design, but able to resist in any environment providing a fresh and elegant touch. Inspired by the daily action of putting on and taking off a sock, it has an aluminium structure with a base of zinc-plated iron legs and is dressed in different Sunbrella and Kvadrat quality outdoor fabrics, among others, in a variety of colors and textures.

Playful poufs.

The elegant and discreet lines of COSTURAS, by Teresa Sapey & Partners, are a game dedicated to showing what is usually hidden. This design of simple yet fun aesthetics has been one of the finalists of the prestigious NYCxDESIGN Awards 2022, in the category “Residential Seating”. A versatile and colorful object suitable for all types of outdoor spaces: gardens, terraces and contract surfaces.

Nomad furniture.

And when it comes to enjoying the outdoors, the choice is the TRIP collection, designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and Borja García. The thermo-lacquered aluminium tubular profiles, omnipresent in the collection, give shape to seats and tables that revisit the classics of industrial design in a fresher and more casual way. Sturdy, lightweight and foldable design furniture that allows you to set up changing environments: they can be taken anywhere in the house, or to another space, without any difficulty. The best allies for a getaway without looking at the weather forecast: adventure. Our suggestion: travel across the steppe on the Trans-Siberian. Every stop is worth it.

Rediseñar un clásico.

With VALENTINA UP, Alejandra Gandia-Blasco gives priority to ergonomics, elevating her popular VALENTINA designs by incorporating zinc-plated iron legs in the shape of a V. The collection, winner of the Ibero-American Design Biennial Matadero Madrid, is made up of armchairs, loungers, tables and sofas with minimal elements Inspired by the Asian, Indian and Spanish-Arabic cultures that give prominence to the cushions, it allows the creation of relaxed atmospheres with a touch of fun. In addition, it is highly customizable thanks to its wide palette of tones.


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