Diabla Spaces: Diabla Winter with ARP

13 January, 2022

White snow is synonymous with light in Diabla outdoor environments. The visual tour “Diabla Spaces: Enjoy the Great Outdoors” dedicates to winter a space starring ARP, our latest collection designed by MADE Studio. This glacial scene is the proposal devised by us, remember that we are the youngest brand of Gandia Blasco Group, as motivation to understand life on the outside in a more original way and despite of the low temperatures.


By playing to imagine one of our latest collections in an illusory corner of Antarctica, we inspire what could be both an architectural area of relax and perfect shelter to go out and enjoy the outdoors during the coldest days of the year. The instinct to explore new territories to inhabit them in an original way has no expiration date.


ARP, a design by MADE Studio –integrated by Borja García and Laura Ros–, reassesses the cast iron furniture and tectonic architecture of the 19th century through the lens of contemporary design. The tubular structure in textured thermolacquered aluminium traces the light silhouette of the series, which integrates an armchair, a two-seater sofa and two low tables. Just as the hardness of the icicles melts in contact with the softness of virgin snow, the comfort of the deep seats finds its balance within the stability of the robust metal structure.

Transforming adversities into reasons to go outside and experience ARPfurniture’s mission. This optimism materialises in a bold and timeless way in aluminum –an element that withstands everything– and resistant and warm fabrics that provide a high level of both comfort and durability. In this way, the geometric and light lines of the backrests find their counterweight in the great presence of volume of the sofas and armchairs, complemented by a low coffee table.

Under anice-cold and sculptural pergola, the white of ARP reveals its brightest side and winter becomes vital and non-conformist when facing extreme weather conditions. If it is grey or snowy outside, then it is even more likely to be a scenario in which to blend
and inject a spark of creativity. There are no moments or corners that can resist our Diabla’s open and spontaneous attitude, not even a few degrees below zero.


Creative Director: Alejandra Gandía-Blasco
Art Direction: MUT Design
Production: Jorge Ros and MUT Design

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