Diabla Spaces: Old Daisy Theater

6 February, 2024

We immerse ourselves in the golden years of cinema to celebrate its valuable architectural heritage, a journey through dreamlike temples that, around movie premieres and screenings, generated a rich social life in a combination of fantasy and emotions.


An unavoidable stop is Memphis, where for over a century, the Old Daisy Theater has stood as a true survivor, erected in 1912. Characterized by the graphic decoration of its facade, its half dome in the entrance area, the old ticket booth, and mosaic flooring, its entrance is a stage in itself that invites us to turn the street into an improvised seating area.

An urban terrace and an outdoor amphitheater with seats that cannot leave one indifferent, such as the ingenious Patoso seats created by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco. They combine an informal character with comfort and are dressed for the occasion with the new fabric presented this season for Diabla collections, inspired by the Commedia dell’Arte. Specifically, inspired by the character Pantaleone, the fabric is named after him, featuring red tones and geometric and colorful patterns. This legged pouf has been internationally awarded at the NYCxDesign Awards, DNA Paris Awards, and Archiproducts Awards.

The surroundings of the Old Daisy Theater, soaked in the history of rock in this long-standing representative of Nickelodeon architecture, could be transformed into a sophisticated and glamorous outdoor leisure area. It could be composed of sofas from the Arp collection by Made Studio, whose cushions are also dressed in Commedia dell’Arte Arlequín fabric in contrast to their white structures. The Lilly armchairs by Democràcia Estudio contribute formal balance to any space.

Plisy Up lamps, designed by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco to illuminate outdoor environments, with sophisticated and elegant shapes, provide perfect outdoor lighting. Inspired by traditional pleated fabric lampshades, Plisy Up combines the best of the lighting world with state-of-the-art technology.



Memphis, Tennessee, United States



ARP armchair, sofa and tables



GOBI planters

LILLY armchairs


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