Diabla Spring

23 March, 2021

This year we take a trip to extraordinary places and unusual landscapes, some real and some imaginary. Dreaming for a moment about the possibility of being there, marveling at their astonishing rarity, their intense exuberance or their harsh charm.

The novelties of Gandia Blasco Group’s most casual brand preview the spring trends in small outdoor spaces. Traveling in dreams from the green lake in Timanfaya National Park to the symbolic Mount Fuji and from the Andes Mountains to the Palace of Versailles, Diabla portrays the thousand ways to renew our terraces, patios and gardens to give a creative and casual welcome to the most relaxed outdoor season. Flooding with their style all kinds of landscapes, sometimes real and sometimes imaginary, LILLY, ARP, GRILL and PLISY UP go around the world to show us new and daring ways to spark outdoor living during the season of joy and love.

Festival of comfort and color: ARP and the blossoming of outdoor ideas

The omnipresent Shibazakura tapestry of flowers that covers Mount Fuji between May and June inspires this fun seating area, a pure expression of the personality of our Diabla Gardens. The tubular structure that gives shape to the seats of the ARP collection, designed by Made Studio –Borja García and Laura Ros– suggests the strings of a harp and camouflages itself in this springtime environment with a Japanese feel. With a voluminous presence and cozy textiles in more sober tones, they star in a dreamy natural setting in which ivy climbs everywhere, tinged with pink.

ARP defies the shocking by making possible the combination of two apparently opposite qualities: lightness and forcefulness. The collection’s wide lounge chairs and sofas, combined with a low coffee table, represent an abstraction of 19th century cast iron furniture, worked from contemporary design codes.

“Delicate as the first caresses of the sun in spring. Colorful like the floral explosion that accompanies it. The ARP collection has a little of each of these distinctive features of spring. Its design invites you to abandon yourself without resistance to the sweet embrace of its textile elements, while its bold hues create environments in which the contagious, joyful energy of spring is present all year long.”

Feminine and modular: LILLY and the transformative energy of nature

The result of the first collaboration between us and Democràcia Estudio is LILLY which takes its name in homage to the designer Lilly Reich. As an expression of its modularity, LILLY is presented duplicated on the Laguna de los Clicos in Lanzarote, a natural treasure of the Canary Islands that surprises for its location, on a crater and on the shores of the sea, and for the particular green color of its waters, which owes its origin to the abundance of sulfur. LILLY is integrated like another rock in this volcanic landscape, eroded by the wind and the Atlantic and not very distant, despite having an otherworldly air. Upholstered in the seductive Diabla pink, the LILLY modules break the gray and contrast with the unique emerald green. A colorful outdoor environment created from pieces of meandering tubular structure, easy to maintain and very light, since their soft seats are made of polyurethane foam rubber covered with water-repellent fabric.

LILLY is a carefree and spontaneous series, with a strong aesthetic and graphic spirit. The collection consists of an lounge chair without arms and two others with tables on the left or right, and allows you to create multiple configurations that can be easily rearranged according to the moment.

“The stylish LILLY modules in an unusual pink are almost the least extravagant thing in a landscape with so many contrasts, between the intense green color of the water, from a mixture of algae and sulfur, plus the sand and black rock walls of the beach on which this lagoon is located. Volcanic stone, lime green and pink, a very inspiring trio of color for an outdoor relaxation area.”

Minimalism with visual impact: GRILL and the May sun in all its splendor

Each and every one of the GRILL pieces –by Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón, alma mater of MUT Design–, stands out for a very particular shape that evokes barbecue grills and gives its design a marked geometric character, of the cleanest and most essential kind. The soft curves of their backrests seem to imitate the whimsical shapes of cacti in a sunny hideaway in the Andes. This scene clearly explains two of our passions: abandoning herself to dolce far niente in the sun without losing style and transferring artistic references –this time, Mondrian’s neoplasticism– to the everyday objects that surround us.

With few elements, clean lines and yet a very strong aesthetic point, GRILL is able to turn any patio into a dreamy atmosphere. The series, which consists of chairs, stools, lounge chairs and sofas with upholstered elements and various table models, brings a vibrant energy by contrasting its mathematical profiles with the enveloping shapes of nature.

“Like flamingos in the middle of a technical stop, GRILL arrives at this warm cactus oasis in the Quebrada de la Chimba National Reserve in Chile. A little la vie en rose doesn’t go amiss in this landscape. And injecting a bold color, totally exotic and alien to the territory, can be a very original option to add extra flair to our outdoor space.”

A classic updated with a ‘je ne sais quoi’: PLISY UP and the secret behind the charm of the world’s most inspiring gardens

One of the marvelous walks in the gardens of Versailles, a true work of art conceived by landscape designer André Le Nôtre, is witness to the chic new version of an iconic luminaire. PLISY UP, conceived for Diabla by its creative director, Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, lands in the famous Parisian royal domains as a kind of elegant and technological reinvention of the garden lantern, incorporating LED light and USB charging. In the midst of a symmetrical choreography that takes place in an incomparable environment with centuries of history, this fixed floor lamp specially designed to illuminate tables or corners both indoors and outdoors bursts with its sensuality and slenderness as a magical flash between the verticality and the greenery of the trees.

Inspired by the aesthetics of pleated shades, PLISY UP uses thermo-lacquered and textured aluminum and polyethylene to give it a surprising touch while remaining weatherproof. From the top of its base, it emits a pleasant ambient light, ideal for extending evenings under the open sky.

“The deliberate geometry of the gardens of Versailles can be seen in the layout of the space as well as in the flowerbeds and plant elements. This is where PLISY’s latest novelty travels, a series of luminaires with an angular lampshade inspired by pleated fabric models and reproduced in a rigid and shocking polyethylene. Through their geometries, the cropped Versailles and PLISY UP yews are like two bodies from different eras capable of recognizing each other and connecting beyond space and time.”


Warmth and color, two celebrated events that manifest themselves to us at the same time in spring. The most inspiring time of the year for us, for its explosion of color and that sweet sensation of the first days when the sun begins to warm up. It is extraordinary how the most energetic and expressive cycle of nature ends up invading us with its renewing and impetuous spirit. The call to enjoy the outdoors is irrepressible. And for this, any natural environment is valid, from meadows and forests to pampas and lagoons. As its flowering is fast and elusive, there is no time to lose to delight in its frugal color, capable of generating fascinating ephemeral landscapes that are an event.

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