La siesta

La siesta

At Diabla we’re fascinated by ultra modern things but also by tradition, as we know it can provide the inspiration for innovative ideas, and this design is the confirmation of that. La Siesta came about as a fusion between the shape of a plastic bottle and that of a Botijo, a traditional earthenware vessel that is used as a container for keeping water cool without the need for refrigeration, and as a water jug. An iconic object that conveys the spirit of the Mediterranean, humorously reconsidered by its creators: Raky Martínez, Alberto Martínez and Héctor Serrano.

La Siesta is a fun design because, like the traditional earthenware drinking jug, in order to drink from it you have to use the spout (the outlet with the smallest hole), raising the jug and tilting it towards your head and catching the stream of water in the air. So their presence makes any table or meeting much more fun. Guaranteed.

Diabla tips:

Use it like a true Spaniard. You have to catch the water in the air. Don’t even think about sucking it!

Bear in mind that is not made from porous clay like a traditional drinking jug, so it does not cool the water. La Siesta is a water botlle

with a 1.2-litre capacity.

When not in use, you don’t need to put it away. Find a spot where it can be displayed it as part of the décor.

Make the most of the variety of available colours to create a set of two or three, for example: a pink and blue duo or a grey, blue and yellow trio. Use our shade card to make sure the colours you choose go well, even with the rest of the space.

Ø10x35 cm / Ø4x14 inch
The vessel is handmade in the traditional Spanish way. Thermo-lacquered nish 1,2 liters capacity. Because they are made entirely by hand, all these items are unique

Alberto Martínez, Raky Martínez y Héctor Serrano

La Siesta started out as a collaborative project by Raky Martínez, Alberto Martínez from Culdesac studio and Héctor Serrano when they were studying a master’s degree in Product Design at the end of the 1990s at the Royal College of Art in London.

“We were interested in designing an object that would combine the traditional jug, used to keep water cool, with the shape of a plastic bottle. It’s a humorous review of a very iconic cultural element for us”.

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