Plier Dining chair

Plier Dining chair

PLIER is the outdoor chair created by OIKO DESIGN OFFICE in its second collaboration with Diabla Outdoor. Its creators, José F. López-Aguilar and Salva Codinach, have devised a piece of furniture with clean lines, whose apparent simplicity hides deep design work that turns a smooth surface into an enveloping one. Plier is made up of an undulating line without right angles, achieved through a production process without constraints, without moulds. An origami exercise reflected in metal.

The Plier chair is a chair with a fresh design, small in size, which shares virtues with traditional monobloc plastic chairs, such as its stackable nature, its comfort level and its orientation towards everyday use. However, the Plier outdoor chair is made of aluminium, a lightweight, fully recyclable material that is highly resistant to the elements.

Diabla tips:

Because it is so light and stackable, the Plier chair is perfect for contract spaces that need to be reconfigured often, such as restaurants or hotel terraces. You can transport it easily and when stored it will hardly take up space, so it is also ideal when you have very limited storage space.

Plier is an exclusive Diabla Outdoor chair that fits very well indoors despite the fact that it is designed as outdoor furniture. The sinuous lines of this designer chair blur the line between the exterior and the interior and are easily integrated into the terrace next to the pool or in a living room with a modern atmosphere.

Enjoy creating colour contrasts between your Plier chairs or harmonize them with the rest of the furniture in your garden or living room. Diabla Outdoor puts at your disposal its entire colour palette and finishes so that you can reinvent your spaces with this chair with a simple and functional style.

55x50x81h cm / 22x20x32 inch
Textured powder-coated aluminium structure.

OiKo Design

Founded by José F. López-Aguilar and Salva Codinach, OiKo is a Barcelona based product design office focused on the transition to a circular economy and
for the common good. The studio designs starting from the research of the subject and user perception to solve new realities and to offer more
competitive products, more sustainable and more
emotionally engaging.

“As a studio, we work through materials in a very material-based design process. Sometimes we make them speak and express an aesthetic and a story in a very evident way, but also in other cases we try to silence the material and simply make it work. This is the case with Plier chair. That visually it doesn’t express but that you feel when you use it”.

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