Sail Pouf

Sail Pouf

Let yourself be seduced by our most loving outdoor chair. Sitting in Sail is like enjoying a lovely hug, as the whole of the inside of the chair moulds to your body. This is because of its soft cushioning made from polystyrene beads that move around and intuitively adapt to the human figure. An informal seat for relaxed, laid-back atmospheres.

As a tribute to the bean bag cushions that were invented in the 1970s, the designer Héctor Serrano has come up with his own version using just two pieces of fabric and a triangular pattern. The upholstery of Sail uses special outdoor fabrics and several designs are available. What’s more, the cover can be taken off for easy washing. The Sail outdoor chair also has a matching pouffe that can be used as a footrest.

Diabla tips:
This design is perfect for furnishing an informal outdoor area with several seats, but also on its own for an intimate corner in which to relax, especially if it’s accompanied by the pouffe.
If you have children, they’ll love it, not just because of how soft it is but because of its low height, so they can get on and off it easily.
In fact, we have a Mini version for kids, do not miss it!

Because it is filled with polystyrene beads, it weighs very little, so you can move it around without any trouble.

It can also be used indoors. However, our sister brand GAN offers several versions of Sail with specific indoor fabrics.
Take advantage of the variety of available colours to make your outdoor area a colourful space. Use our colour chart to make sure your choice matches your colour scheme.

100x110x120 cm / 39x43x47 inch
Manufactured in outdoor fabric and filled with polystyrene pearls coated with hydophobic fabric. Removable upholstery

Héctor Serrano

Héctor Serrano trained in Industrial Design in Valencia and he founded his studio in London before he graduated from Royal College of Art. It soon became famous thanks to the innovative approach with which Héctor turns everyday products on their head.

“I try to create products and projects with which I feel identified in the most human, emotional and extraordinary way possible. Somehow I combine two seemingly opposite concepts: innovation and familiarity”

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