Touffu pet house

Touffu pet house

Underneath its typical pitched roof format, our Touffu pet house hides a really interesting design. The structure is designed so that when you assemble the pet house, the panels are fitted using a system of grooves so they lock together and support each other without the need for screws. The panels fit together by exerting pressure, making the whole house completely stable.

The panels are made of plywood, an extremely weather resistant material, and inside there is a cushion with a removable cover for easy washing. However, Touffu is attractive enough to be used inside the home as well, as it doesn’t look like an outdoor pet house. After all, our pets also have the right to live in stylish surroundings!

Diabla tips:

Touffu is available in two sizes, one for larger animals and another for smaller pets. It can be used for dogs as well as cats and domestic rodents.

If you want to use it inside the house for a cat or a domestic rodent, place it in a warm area, such as near a radiator, for example. The warmth will make them want to stay inside.

You can take the pet house apart easily if you want to move it somewhere else, as it packs down flat and takes up very little space.

Warning: in outdoor areas, place you Touffu pet house in a spot sheltered from the rain as it isn’t waterproof.

53x38x53 cm / 64x54x64 cm
15x21x21 inch / 21x25x25 inch
Mat 41x30x6 cm / 16x12x2 inch
HPL phenolic board. Polyurethane foam rubber covered with water-repellent fabric. Removable upholstery
color - White
size - Touffu S
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Manel Jiménez y Violeta Alcaide

Manel Jiménez Ibáñez and Violeta Alcaide Weishaupt studied architecture at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. and at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. They work at the same time on design projects connected with a particular material, a certain shape or a specific need.

“Touffu is an architectural exercise based on the screwless assembly of traditional Japanese carpentry. Because our pets also have the right to live in a stylish environment”.

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