Autumn Diabla

9 September, 2021

Summer has come to an end, but not the opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Time for grape harvests, coppery leaves and new beginnings, autumn invites us to continue collecting moments on terraces, in gardens and patios, to remember during the cold winter.

During the season of metamorphosis, we once again travel through dreamy places to embrace the astonishing rarity, intensity and the rough and poetic charm of nature in the last months of the calendar.

Lush and seductive, another way of perceiving autumn

A walk through a eucalyptus forest or a beech, such as the Irati Forest in Navarra, is a real delight for the senses at this time of the year. At Diabla we are not at all nostalgic about the warmer months. We also celebrate the colour and good vibes of bucolic autumn landscapes. Those mesmerising final fireworks, before retreating to face the inescapable winter.

The design of our new collections, remember that we are the casual brand of the Gandia Blasco Group, is intended to be used in outdoor spaces all year round. From ARP, LILLY, GRILL and PLISY UP, even the warmer tones of our colour chart – such as intense red or yellow – fit perfectly in an autumnal setting.

"It is still time to plan outdoor days, there is no reason not to do so if the day isn’t looking rough."
ARP, a voluminous solution from which one can squeeze the sunshine hours

Yellow is not only the colour of the sun, but also the colour of autumn. Those carpets of leaves that nature gives us are a reminder that we must do the same in our homes. This combination of ARP, by Made Studio in an all yellow -both structure and textiles- is, without a doubt, a very daring gamble. But it is also a choice with which to enjoy a brighter exterior during the months of less daylight. Autumn also has its own splendour, illuminated by powerful yellows, reds and greens. The vibrant autumn colours of the beech-fir forest of the Selva de Irati in Navarra are as ravishing as they are inspiring for designing an outdoor environment. This natural treasure of great ecological value, where a pair of ARP armchairs is integrated through colour, transforms with each new season, being especially striking after the end of summer.

“It is still time to plan outdoor days, there is no reason not to do so if the day isn’t looking rough.”

Small pleasures for a big getaway with LILLY

Not all deserts are made of sand, and not all trees are made of plant matter. In the arid desert of Siloli, in south-west Bolivia, are the curious rock formations known as stone trees. Lost in this disconcertingly extreme landscape, we indulge you in a contemplative pause in the comfort of the LILLY armchairs, an original design by Democràcia Estudio. In front of these spectacular natural monuments sculpted by time, LILLY dreams of being one more piece of the desert landscape under the shade of this stony tree. “Its forms resemble many of the processes used by Bauhaus architect Lilly Reich, such as the curves of the metal and the sinuous lines that trace each object,” say the designers. On this occasion, LILLY is presented contrasting the textured thermo-lacquered tubular steel structure and the white phenolic table with the intense mustard yellow of the upholstery. The modules of the collection – without arms or with one arm to the left or right – can be used individually or in configurations by attaching several units using the two aluminium fittings included. Despite their size, moving and combining the LILLY modules is not a great effort, as the seat and backrest are made of a light polyurethane foam rubber that makes for a very comfortable seating experience.

“Let’s take a contemplative pause over Lilly’s comfort while the strong wind eases up.”

Fiery red, the colour of autumn with GRILL

There are forests, such as the Dandenong Ranges National Park in Melbourne, that show one of their most unexpectedly beautiful faces in autumn. Their fragrance and the spectacle of colour they offer at this time of year is as seductive, if not more so, than the splendour of summer. On its expedition to unusual places, we take you to the giant eucalyptus trees of Victoria, Australia, and is captivated by their verticality, whose robust slenderness evokes the structure reminiscent of GRILL, a design by MUT Design. GRILL transports minimalism and the essence of geometry to outdoor spaces, contrasting and merging both its mathematical character with the inherent forms of nature. The aluminium of the square-section that shapes the iconic GRILL chair with arms, as well as the new high table from the same series, stands out in this setting with an intense red that gives each element a strong, almost sculptural identity. This versatile collection allows an infinite number of possible combinations to create different spaces and atmospheres.

“Any excuse is a good excuse for an explosion of colour.”

As far as PLISY UP shines

White mountains in the middle of the Caribbean. They are not mountains of snow, of course, but pyramids of salt. On the island of Bonaire, in the Dutch Antilles, there are prolific salt planes that produce a most striking landscape in such tropical settings. Birds of all kinds, but especially flamingos, come here to take refuge. PLISY UP, in its most powerful tone, blends in with them not only thanks to the red colour, but also because of the harmony in the shapes of its metallic structure. PLISY UP, designed by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, is a floor lamp perfect for dining rooms and terraces, both in homes and restaurants, but also to illuminate spaces or exteriors in a punctual and ephemeral way when the hours of sunshine shorten. Conceived as a contemporary lamp, the light emitted by its fun polyethylene lampshade has self-sufficiency of 5 to 6 hours and a soft and very special warmth.

“PLISY UP, with a fixed base, and its sister PLISY, which is mobile on a stand, are ideal for illuminating all kinds of environments with intimacy.”


At Diabla we have the answer to the danger of being left to languish in autumn: fight it with comfortable and stylish outdoor environments that invite you to experience them in a creative way, no matter when.

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