Diabla Catalogue 2021: behind the scenes

8 October, 2021

Meet the minds behind a visual symphony of the four seasons that celebrates the desire to enjoy the world’s most unique landscapes in the company of original designs.


The 193 pages of our new catalogue “ENJOYING THE GREAT OUTDOORS” come to light after a great journey around the world in which, ironically, it has not been necessary to travel many kilometres. Thanks to the passion of an entire team, this project full of different visions of the outdoor spaces we inhabit has caught the eye of art, photography and, of course, design lovers.

The 2021 catalogue is the result of a cocktail of creative freedom and awe for extreme landscapes, materialised following a new methodology. Our most recent launches -GRILL, LILLY, ARP and PLISY UP- run through this abstract calendar in which, beyond coordinates and temperatures, the limits for enjoying nature in the open air can only be set by the imagination. Who is responsible?

P.A.R, Editorial Concept and Graphic Design

Divided into four seasons, this carefully crafted editorial project has a different layout for each of the seasons, so that the link between graphics and images take us to those sensations that are so characteristic of each time of year. “The design process was quite experimental; we had a lot of freedom from start to finish. The concept of the seasons gave us a lot of scope to try out different layouts”.

Sonia Sabnani, Photography

Behind Diabla’s provocative images full of feminine power lies a woman who is all love and art. Thanks to the work and grace of MUT Design (renders) and Héctor Campos (digital retouching), we can visualise the designs and models photographed by Sonia in all kinds of places and settings to inhabit them in a different way. “They look like film scenes to me. The colour, the costumes, the props, the format…”.

Nova Era Barcelona, Printing

Pedro López de Nova Era’s relationship with Graphic Arts is extraordinary, so there is no one better than him to convey “Enjoying the Great Outdoors” in our paper jewel. Complicit, meticulous and intrepid, if you ask him about his craft, he is clear: “CRAFTSMANSHIP = INNOVATION. I have no doubt that a catalogue or a book is a work of art. I have met many people from start-up companies who have never had a paper catalogue before. I like to see how excited they get when they hold it in their hands.”.

Tachy Mora, Editorial

This is not the first time that this journalist and design expert has put words to Diabla’s visual imagery. Her style, “saying a lot with little”, strikes a spark in each concept. “The idea was to make whoever held the catalogue in their hands feel that they had been travelling, spatially and temporally through the seasons, as if they had momentarily entered and exited another dimension.”

Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, Creative Director and Project Manager

“Diabla’s new images are dreamlike journeys into real landscapes that stand out for their natural exuberance. They seem fictitious, almost magical realism. For me it is a sublimation of the enjoyment of outdoor life and the nature that surrounds us.”

"Nature in its pure state is always an inspiration, a source of life. If you look at it abstractly, they are shapes, vivid colours with very subtle nuances that follow the order of the ecosystem. Not all the leaves of a tree are the same, even if they look the same. Diabla respects and admires nature, she is inspired by it."

The baton in this unconventional concert of the four seasons has been carried by Diabla’s creative director. In her admiration for the talents that have made the catalogue possible, which she conceived as an inspiring universe of creative freedom, travel and dreams, she has shown her passion for photography, art and the natural environment.

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