Keys to have a big time within small spaces– Chapter 1

15 November, 2021

What today is called ‘Small Living’ is, aside from a trend, a need that has always existed: to inhabit in a creative, comfortable and practical way those spaces and rooms that do not count amplitude among their strengths.

We introduce a selection of stackable, modular and multifunctional outdoor furniture that, without sacrificing style, show us how its ingenious design can make life more comfortable (and fun) within small spaces.

Stacking: a smart gesture to succeed in short distances

The benefits of stackable chairs and tables are well known in areas such as hospitality. This type of furniture makes it possible to assemble and disassemble spaces at specific times, in addition to saving storage space.

The GRILL armless chair is a good example of stackable design, very easy to imagine it whether in gardens, terraces, restaurants and hotels, as well as in private indoor and outdoor spaces and even offices, meeting and studies rooms. The simplicity in the lines, linked to the use of square section aluminum profiles, adds to the component of technical ingenuity by which a geometric pattern is generated once several pieces are stacked. When they are in different colors, the effect is almost sculptural.

The same goes for VENT, Diabla’s chameleon chair, which is also stackable. That’s the reason why, not only does it fit into all types of environments and decorative styles – outdoors and also indoors – but it can be a perfect wildcard to expand meeting areas at specific times, occupying very little while they are stored. VENT chairs are very resistant, since their seat and back, which are a single piece, are made of rigid polyurethane and the legs are made of steel rod.

Versatility: a common trait to multifunction parts

Often, a clear and comfortable terrace or room is not defined so much in square meters but in a correct distribution and a good choice of furniture. In both areas, multifunctional designs can have a lot to do with making the most of an environment that does not have too many centimeters.

A small porch or a cozy terrace can become an oasis for unlimited relaxation, an outdoor dining room or a makeshift office. The trick is to opt for versatile pieces that allow the space to provide different uses. This is the case of the 356 outdoor armchairs and pouf tables by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and Pablo Gironés, characterized by their rounded shapes and aerodynamic aesthetics and perfect for creating a thousand and one combinations inside and outside the home thanks to how light and fun it is to think of new configurations.

All the pieces in the D12 collection, by Marià Castelló, are also suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. The D12 side table, shelves and coat racks can also have many uses and display all their attractiveness and functionality in places such as a hammock area, a reading corner, next to the bed, in the hall or the office … Layouts in one thin steel rod, these designs are also easy to relocate and fit into any decorative style.

Modularity: environments that grow visually

LILLY, simple in its forms, has in the geometry of its modularity the key to its balance in any spot. Without or with arm -on one side or the other-, it gives its name to a compact collection with many possibilities in small spaces, since it takes the form of an armchair or sofa with different seats and reserves the entire occupied surface for comfort, without additional ornaments. Its basic shapes, designed by Democràcia Estudio, are embraced by a modular system that provides movement, fluidity and versatility, qualities that are highly appreciated in not very large environments.

PLOID, designed by Romero & Vallejo, is a modular series made up of just three elements with which we can configure multiple seats and transform an atmosphere – indoor or outdoor – according to needs: from sofa to chaise longue, daybed or love seat in a couple of movements and with the help of a fixing system that prevents the pieces from slipping. The PLOID pouf, at the same time, works as a table, stool or bench to share, ideal when there are more guests than space available.

CLIP, made of 100% recyclable polyethylene and conceived by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, hides multiple options in its apparent simplicity.

From only two pieces with a sinuous line and studied design, they can be composed from a relaxing armchair to an infinite sofa with a side table. With this, this collection becomes a great ally when it comes to furnishing small and changing outdoor spaces where it is preferable to bet on pieces adaptable to the square meters available at all times. In parallel, the visual lightness provided by its low height adds spaciousness to terraces with a limited surface area.

Diabla’s nomadic, restless and spontaneous character is the reason why our catalog is full of suitable solutions for decorating small spaces – exterior and interior – and counteract the inconveniences that this characteristic could entail.

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