Petit grand café in Versailles with MUT Design and Alejandra Gandía-Blasco

27 April, 2021

Our new catalogue “Enjoying the Great Outdoors” encourages us to explore dream landscapes accompanied by pieces that, back in reality, leave us with the certainty that any outdoor space, no matter how small, can become an earthly paradise. At Diabla we provide you with those designs to make such an experience possible.

Diabla spaces

The chairs and tables of the GRILL collection, by MUT Design, and the new PLISY UP lamp, by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, come together to star in a petit grand café in the surrounding gardens of Versailles. We revisit the exquisite French gardens &mdashby the landscape designer André Le Nôtre for Louis XIV&mdash and transforms them into an improvised outdoor cafe that oozes character and majesty without sacrificing the most important notion of intimacy that corresponds to any self-respecting, charming garden.

Diabla café

Our porches, patios and terraces are designed, reconfigured and decorated for creative and flexible use all year round. The iconic GRILL chair clearly represents this idea of versatility and casualness and, not without a certain boldness due to its strong graphic identity, may almost be considered as a piece of sculpture. The MUT Design’s coffee area converts this art into something to be enjoyed from a casual and everyday perspective, fleeing from seasonality and the limits of specificity. MUT’s designs adapt to different styles, terrains and climates due to their minimalist and linear design, their chromatic range of seven tones and their total commitment to a light and resistant material: square-section profiles of thermo-lacquered aluminum.

Diabla ambiences

In terms of outdoor lighting, we remain committed to emphasizing the energy of the natural environment. In a quiet café where you just want to retreat and enjoy the outdoors, the PLISY UP is the one to choose; an outdoor floor lamp with rechargeable LED light at an ideal height to light up tables and corners with its magic. Its predecessor in the same collection, the fun and chic PLISY, gets rid of the iron foot and reminds us that its pleated lampshade adapts well to changing environments and curious visitors. Made of polyethylene, this technological and elegant reinvention of the lantern is perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

Architecture, design and nature

This stimulating scene, recreated in its most splendorous season, connects the essential geometry of sophisticated topiaries with contemporary, clean-lined designs. Just as in French-style gardens, architecture and nature come together to form a unified whole, the interplay between the outdoors, art and design in Diabla spaces transcends space and time, enriching the whole and generating original and seductive ideas.

At Diabla we provide you with those designs to make such an experience possible
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