Diabla Spaces: Otoño Diabla con Lilly

21 October, 2021

Diabla ignites the spark of autumn upon its arrival and relights the desire to continue enjoying the outdoors. Expressing itself as an open book, we present a new scenario of the visual series “Diabla Spaces: Enjoying the Great Outdoors”. Once again, the extreme landscape, the ingenious designs, and lots of color are the unmistakable signature of the typical Diabla image that impels to explore the exteriors spontaneously and with style.

Playing at being the most comfortable desks in the history of design, LILLY armchairs are located in the disconcerting setting of the Siloli desert, an imaginary context that turns out to be the best source of inspiration for reimagining outdoor life in terraces and gardens out of season. Even in an arid and inhospitable place such as this desert in Bolivia we can pause to marvel at the effects of the wind and the passage of time on the sculptural stone trees.

This modular outdoor furniture, designed by Democràcia Estudio, is all for versatility and adaptation to all kinds of spaces to equip the most heterogeneous exteriors 365 days a year

Refreshing and casual LILLY integrates as an element of the stimulating landscape and it reminds its audience that it can work perfectly both as a standalone piece as well as a part of an ensemble. The modules of the collection -without arms or with a right or left arm, as in the image- can be used individually or form configurations by fixing several units. The pieces start from basic shapes embraced by a tubular system, simple and resistant, in textured thermolacquered steel. LILLY is also characterized by its soft and comfortable seat in polyurethane foam, which gives it lightness when moving, and its flexible backrest, which resolves its grip with a system of hidden zippers on the back.

The basic lines of LILLY recall the rational design of the 20th century that Lilly Reich promoted during her career as an architect and interior designer. The intense yellow of the removable waterproof fabric upholstery also evokes the aesthetic of the Bauhaus, with a well-known preference for primary colours. This is how mustard, one of the warmest tones in Diabla’s color chart, captures the energy of the last rays of the summer sun and blends perfectly with the earth and gold tones that dominate in the incredible rock formations. One of the key characteristics of LILLY is the fusion of plastic and geometric languages: this concepton a whole contrasts with the wild force of nature and its whimsical strokes.


LILLY is the newest step in the journey of the youngest firm of Gandia Blasco Group. It’s definitely time to say goodbye to the summer, but with the certainty that during the autumn we can continue to live great moments on more cheerful and creative balconies, rooftops and courtyards.

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