Diabla Spaces: A tribute to urban terraces, we dream of a wild summer in the city

22 June, 2021

We celebrate the summer solstice by imagining travelling to distant paradises and lands in the Quebrada de la Chimba reserve, flooding the pages of our new catalogue “Enjoy the Great Outdoors” with the maximum energy of the sun.This is how the brand’s most graphic collection, GRILL, embraces the summer season in an incredible natural landscape with its new designs, seeking to inspire terraces with a creative spirit and urban character.

After too long without being able to enjoy the terraces of bars, restaurants and hotels without restrictions, we follows our instinct to explore uncharted territories and invites us to rediscover these oases of happiness with an open and spontaneous mentality, eager to share new moments in the open air. The lines between indoors and outdoors, day and night, leisure and work, are blurred. The magic of summer envelops everything and the designs that accompany us in our favourite havens become the necessary source of inspiration to make us believe that the enjoyment of the outdoors may never end.

A passion for re-imagining the outdoors leads us to embark on a fictional expedition to the world's most inhospitable places

The extreme beauty, astonishing rarity and rugged charm, that characterises the Quebrada de la Chimba National Reserve is encapsulated in a virtual diorama that serves as the setting for the visual grandeur of GRILL, the latest from MUT Design for Diabla. Chairs (with and without arms), a high and a side table, and a generous modular armchair evoke handcrafted wrought iron furniture through a contemporary perspective and provide several relaxation areas in front of the cacti.

The sun’s rays pass through the square-section aluminium profiles that build the structure of the chairs, armchairs and tables in minimalist, linear shapes while generating strong contrasts of light and shadow. Using the sparkle of pink as a complement to the greenery and sand, and as if the flamingos were in the middle of a pit stop, the GRILL pieces show us how injecting a daring colour, totally exotic and alien to the territory, can be a very original and stylish option when it comes to designing an outdoor space. And although it is hard to resist this typical Diabla shade, our colour chart encourages you to imagine GRILL in other attractive combinations, from the most energetic to the most neutral, because our palette also offers respite and includes luminous and serene colours such as light grey and white.

This series of designs based on the aesthetic of barbecue grills, fits as well in gardens and patios as in contract projects. In fact, its wide range of possibilities in terms of formats and dimensions, the strength and durability of aluminium and details such as stackable chairs or combinable modules, make GRILL an ideal choice for small, modern restaurants and hotels that want to add style and comfort to their outdoor areas. The extra comfort in the sofas and armchairs is provided by the generous cushions, all of which have removable covers and are filled with a polyurethane foam rubber covered with special water-repellent fabric, suitable for outdoor use and available in different textures and shades.

"This is a very versatile collection that fits in very well in any environment you can imagine: terraces, restaurants, hotels, gardens, the dining room of a house.... The chair can even function as a work of art because it is very graphic and sculptural. It's all about imagination. We always leave that up to the user". Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón of MUT Design explain.

Peace and quiet, that’s all we aspire to in summer. The warmest temperatures of the year and the long days invite us to a more relaxed life, in which we can enjoy being outdoors without worries. It’s also time to travel, explore and discover. But you don’t have to cross the ocean to lie down on a GRILL sofa.

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