8 June, 2021

This year we travel to the extraordinary places and unusual landscapes that nature has to offer, some real and some imaginary. Dreaming for a moment of being there, marvelling at their astonishing rarity, their intense exuberance or their harsh charm.

Summer attitude and design with good vibes all year round

In the warmest and longest days of the year, life is more relaxed, full of moments in which to enjoy the outdoors carefree, explore exotic landscapes and rediscover under the sun those that are closer to us. Our new designs represent the joy, comfort and originality – in full colour – of those objects we desire most during the long awaited summer aperitifs, afternoon naps and evenings. From the pages of the new Diabla catalogue, LILLY, ARP, GRILL and PLISY UP are dressed in sand, blue and white to bring their refreshing style to extraordinary places around the world.

ARP, contrasts in the immensity of the sand

The dry, arid climate of the Namib Desert sculpts the striated grooves of the sand and brings us back to the vertical bars of ARP by Made Studio. The extreme contrasts and sense of escape in the desert are also condensed in the shapes of the ARP collection, which is at the same time strong and light. Its solid structure and voluminous textile elements are intended to balance the lightness of its backrests, inspired by the strings of a harp. Design combined with comfort and functionality, since the airy arrangement of the tubes allows the breeze to flow on hot days and the upholstery is removable and easy to clean.

“Rest for a long time until the desert flowers.”

Eternal summer between sea, sky and LILLY modules

Salar de Uyuni, Potosi, Bolivia. The largest and highest continuous salt desert on the planet is also the mirror of the world, merging heaven and earth upon the horizon. In this enclave of the Andes, which was prehistorically a lake, two twin LILLY modules upholstered in blue and their textured steel tube structure thermo-lacquered in white, display their graphic language and their versatility in casual and relaxed positions that are easily reconfigurable. Leaning back on its forceful volume and looking at the sky, in the middle of almost 11,000 km2 of salt, we can feel as if we are floating among the clouds. The comfort and softness of the seats and backrests, made of polyurethane foam rubber and covered in special water-repellent fabric for outdoor use, contribute to this sensation. We fire the imagination and creativity promising an infinite summer with the LILLY collection, by Democràcia Estudio which is made up of an armchair without arms and two others with small tables on the left or right.

“Basic lines that seduce with their simplicity. Forceful volume, featherweight. Casual, easily reconfigurable positions.”

Aquatic and colourful expedition with GRILL

Bold and original, like Diabla’s inspiring attitude, the designs of the GRILL collection land in a unique natural space surrounded by fumaroles and geysers. These elements, designed by MUT Design,create a seating area that blends into the landscape through colour. The bar table and high stools contemplate the natural spectacle at the edge of the Great Yellowstone Prismatic Spring, whose colours change according to the temperature of the water. Based on the aesthetics of barbecue grills, GRILL is made of aluminium tubing with a square cross-section which, beyond its functionality, gives it a very strong, almost artistic personality.

“Like the Great Prismatic Fountain, Grill’s colour palette is very rich. Minimal profiles simulate continuous structures.”

PLISY UP and the cult of the sun: energy and vitamins

When Alejandra Gandía-Blasco’s new rechargeable PLISY UP lamp is switched on, it blossoms and gives light and colour to the landscape, emulating the way sunflowers do in the countryside of La Bureba (Burgos) in August. The most dynamic plant, as our eyes perceive it, reaches maturity at the height of summer, when it urges us to make the most of its nights before they become shorter. PLISY UP is a free-standing luminaire, as elegant and spiky as a sunflower, with the ideal height to light up a dining room or an outdoor lounge on endless summer evenings. Designed as a contemporary lantern, the light emitted by its fun polyethylene lampshade has an autonomy of 5 to 6 hours and can be used anywhere without the need for a fixed point of light.

“Cult of the sun, since its graciousness is ephemeral. The light for an endless summer night. Elegant and slender, like a sunflower in bloom.”


Relaxation, pleasure, warmth and light in stimulating outdoor spaces are all we aspire to in summer. The slower pace of life and our projection elsewhere is also a journey within. Following the summer, we are sometimes a little different.

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