Diabla Talks: Kitten Kay Sera

26 July, 2022

Kitten Kay Sera, also known as the world’s pinkest lady, is a woman who, since her birthday in 1980, only dresses and decorates her house in pink-a color to which she has declared eternal love. Throughout her career she has collaborated with artists such as Beyoncé, starred in a cover of Vogue and has appeared in fashion publications alongside celebrities such as Lady Gaga. Based in Hollywood for two decades, she amazes more than 200,000 followers on Instagram while she is involved in the filming of a documentary about her life.

Photographer Ellen von Unwerth said you are like a "pink ray of sunlight".
How do you like to be described?
I think that sums it up. I love it when people say I am a Pink Icon. I have also been called a trendsetter -which is quite an honor. I don’t follow trends. I like to be a leader and create my own looks & style. It would kill me to wear something another celebrity already wore, haha! I always say I don’t want to make a fashion statement: I want to make an exclamation mark!!!
Do you also think in pink?
Oh, for sure! I can’t do anything that is not PINK :) It is my greatest expression.
I am always tickled PINK!
An exclusive shade of pink was expressly created for Madame Pompadour. Do you have any muse or mentor that inspires you in your daily life?
I find inspiration everywhere but it is not in other people. it is in myself. When I have an idea, I must write it down immediately! I am one of those who likes to write something to manifest it and then visualize a concept. It goes much deeper for me. Sometimes I even draw it. I try to be as original as possible. I always want to do something first.
Bonaire Island, in the Netherlands Antilles, is famous for its flamingo populations. It also stands out for its beaches of white sand and pink water, which owe their unique colors to its location, surrounded by coral reefs. What’s your dream pink landscape?
I really want to visit the pink beaches and that is on my drop-dead list. You must have read my mind because I was going to say that very beach! haha! I want to do a pink destination tour. Where I visit all the pink places on my bucket list.
The pantone color of 2022 is the periwinkle Very Peri. Do you have a second favorite color?
No. I am very faithful to PINK and would go naked before I would wear another color. I am married to the color.
In these 40 years of living life in pink, what have you learned about the power of color?
It changed my life entirely. I made my passion my paycheck and when you can do that it is such a freedom of expression that my commitment has allowed me. I feel like I can conquer the world with my power of pink persuasion. I noticed quite a few people are copying my pink monochromatic lifestyle. They want to accumulate what I have done but I did it first and you really cannot be an original if you are copying someone, now can you?
Your pom, Pinkaboo, has over ten thousand followers and it even appeared with you on the cover of Vogue. What does it mean to you?
Oh, it means a great deal that she appears with me on the cover of Vogue magazine! And that they chose a pic with her is very special. Such a fun shoot and I wanted to make sure she was featured. That whole day was a dream come true for me.
I also can’t t take Pinkaboo anywhere without someone wanting a photo! She is a star. Her instagram is @pinkaboothepup and mine is @kittenkaysera
You are on the set for the making of your documentary. Can we get a sneak-peek of the project?
Of course!
It is basically my whole life from a baby to now. I have had a very interesting life. Besides being the PINKEST Person in The World, which will be a very big part of it. It also takes a look at what I went through to get here. People don’t know I was in a singing group by the age 6 with my 4 sisters. We sang with Johnny Cash and so many big names. I went solo and moved to LA and even had Beyonce singing back up for me. I am hoping for Netflix to option it when we are done. That’s the goal!
A decade and a style
Early 1960’s, pink bouffant hairdos with thick pink headbands. Pink pastel poodles on adorned leashes. Pink princess telephones and talc pink powder puffs. I love all eras... The 1970’s is also near and dear to my heart, with mod pink lava lamps & big bell bottoms, pink sequin tube tops... skating under the disco ball. I actually lived that.

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