Diabla Talks: Photography – Sonia Sabnani

16 October, 2021

As the photographer of the designs and models, Sonia Sabnani was crucial in the execution process of the photos that, later and thanks to MUT Design (renders) and Héctor Campos (digital retouching), were transformed into the scenes that give color and life, and what a life, to our catalogue. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can download it here. We will flood your mobile gallery with screenshots and your wish list of great ideas to give sparkle to your terrace.


Behind the provocative images full of feminine power lies a woman who is all love and art. She has few words, and she doesn’t need them because her photos –featured in media such as IDEAT and VEIN– speak for themselves. However, we have persuaded her to answer some questions about her collaboration with Diabla and to confess some of her favs. Have a coffee with her and, if you still don’t follow her on social media, don’t waste another minute!

How did you feel when you saw the final result? Were you surprised by the photomontages and the editorial design?
Whenever I have worked with Diabla I have always been surprised with the final result. The collages fascinated me as well as the editorial design, a real madness of creativity.
Could you tell us if when you did the photo shoot you already knew which landscapes were going to be used?
I didn't really know what the final landscapes were going to be, as some of them were still to be defined. But I did have a clear idea of the concept, and I thought it was a lot of fun.
Browsing through your portfolio we discovered a lot of black and white work. However, in Diabla's palette we find not only black and white, but also the most vibrant tones. What is it like to create from this explosion of color?
It's very easy for me to create from these colors, as my style is very similar to Diabla's. That's why I love working with this brand, I feel very comfortable and confident.
You have collaborated with Diabla before. As a connoisseur of the brand, could you define it in a few words?
In my opinion, and from what I see in the latest trends, it's a mixture of modern-retro art and minimalism.
Your career in the world of photography is closely linked to the world of fashion and not so much to design, architecture and decoration. Why do you think your style fits so well with the visual concept of Diabla?
Because of the feminine side that characterizes Diabla. Apart from being a furniture brand, Diablais fashion.
It seems that the story of Diabla is written in feminine: from the most visual -the woman is the protagonist of all your photos- to its more conceptual side -its creative director is Alejandra Gandía-Blasco-. Could you tell us about it?
I've had the opportunity to meet Alejandra and it seems to me that Diabla couldn't be in a better creative mind. Her campaigns reflect this quite well, very visually powerful images and a very desirable product.
You often quote influences such as the sensuality of Helmut Newton's images or the color treatment used by Guy Bourdin. Could you tell us if you have had any other references in your latest work for Diabla?
I continue with the same references that captivated my eye from the moment I met them. Nowadays I see a lot in magazines, on the internet, Instagram... perhaps I may have been unconsciously influenced by these media.
Field, sea, grass, sand, rock, sky... on your Instagram feed -@soniasabnani-, your love for the outdoors is visible at a glance. Diabla is a nomadic, outdoor brand. Were you destined to meet? Do you like spending time outdoors?
I love to disconnect outdoors, without phones. Just going for a very long walk and thinking about everything or nothing, enjoying the scenery.
Photography has always been your thing and you like your photos to speak for themselves. What do you think your images tell Diabla?
To me they look like film scenes. The color, the costumes, the props, the format…
If you had to choose, where and at what time of the year would you escape with Diabla, and with which of the latest releases: GRILL, ARP, LILLY or PLISY UP?
Right now, I would love to escape anywhere with Diabla at any time of the year. I liked all the models... but Grill in pink captivated me!
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