16 December, 2021

The winter does not stop Diabla on our journey through enchanting places,embraced by nature in its wildest state. The passion to discover the world inspired the beginning of this journey undertaken in mid-2020: faced with the impossibility of flying to distant places, we invited us to embark on a fantasy tour through our catalogue to admire the authentic beauty of uncommon landscapes throughout the four seasons. After feeling the greenness of the forests and the fragrance of the flower fields, the sensation of immensity of the desert and the coldness of the ravines surfaces of a quarry, we step foot into glacial territories.


In the last pages of the 2021 catalogue the freezing temperatures of the Poles bring us back the coldest days of the year, but they do not manage to extinguish the spark of Diabla. Luckily, winter is much milder in this corner of the Mediterranean where we were born five seasons ago, a point halfway between the 20,000 kilometers that separate the North Pole from the South Pole. No matter the place, weencourage you to face the inclement weather and to go out to enjoy outdoor experiences 365 days a year with a colorful and rebellious attitude. The genuine non-conformism that characterizes us, if you remember we are the youngest firm of Gandia Blasco Group, has led to collections designed with original, flexible and stylish environments in mind.

The latest releases of Diabla, ARP, LILLY, GRILL and PLISY UP, bring out their coolest side to project comfortable and appealing environments and dress up the winter scenarios with fresh light and some touch of colour. Taking advantage of the occasion, these designs boast perfect formats, materials and finishes to resist the inclemencies of the weather.


ARP, a warm shelter in icy colors to create a glacial environment

Our first stop on its winter trip through charming places of the planet takes us on the shores of Queen Mary’s land, a part of the coast of East Antarctica. There we discovered that the ARP collection, designed by Borja García and Laura Ros founders of MADE Studio can be truly chameleon-like only through colour. Even its personality seem different depending on the tones chosen for the structure and the textile elements. This is an invaluable plus of this collection that has to be experimented with, along with all the combinations it allows.

ARP in ice white and in the blue of the waters and skies of Antarctica, très chic!

The depth of the sofas and armchairs in this collection which start from a tubular structure of 30mm in thermo-lacquered aluminium textured in the different colours of the Diabla palette is an invitation to a recovering rest. While aluminium is a perfect material for outdoor use, the changing upholstery of the models is available in the soft and sturdy Plain, Hexagon and Urban fabrics. ARP exemplifies the ability to de-seasonalise outdoor furniture to the extreme of imagining them in situations where the feeling of cold can even be the excuse to go out and enjoy the landscape.

Project compositions on a blank canvas with LILLY

White landscapes such as those of the historic Carrara quarry in the Apuan Alps tend to be associated with winter, cold or extreme temperatures. However, the singular placement of the colourful LILLY, original design by Democràcia Estudio for Diabla, reveal that rare occurrences are more common than they seem. On this occasion, the three LILLY modules &mdashwithout arms or with a left or right armrest&mdash take shape neatly on the fine white marble, dotted by its irregular grey veins. The modules in the collection can be used individually or moved to fix several units in order to reconfigure spaces for sharing.

LILLY materials are outdoor-proof, whether in summer or winter.

By establishing a formal resemblance between the marble blocks and the square volumes of the mats, in the winter months LILLY proposes its structure in red textured thermolacquered steel tube to enhance its graphic character, inspired by the strokes and processes used by the architect of the Bauhaus Lilly Reich. This striking colour contrasts with the seat itself and the back, made with a light polyurethane foam filling and upholstered in neutral and tasty fabrics such as the white or grey plain varieties, prepared to withstand the effects of humidity and low temperatures.


Contemplating the thousand shades of white by looking at GRILL

We propose to expose the outdoor furniture in extreme conditions and it does that in a formal game between the neutrality of the colors of the environment and the monochromatic white of GRILL, by MUT Design for Diabla. The phenomenon occurs in the Arctic territory of Alaska, habitat of Eskimo, experts in one of the most ingenious architectural solutions: snow igloos, excellent insulators as they reflect light and they capture most of the heat inside.

What is more shocking and extreme than an ice shelter to protect ourselves from cold weather?

In its imaginary expedition to the North Pole, GRILL demonstrates its qualities, ideal to enjoy the outside on most winter days. Bold and original, this series of pieces with sculptural lines and light weight, is inspired by the aesthetics of barbecue grills and is built on a structure made with square section tubes. Although it fits in both outdoor and indoor environments, therefore bringing a very vibrant style and energy to any space, the entire collection is made of aluminum, a very resistant outdoor material. The seats and backrests are made of a special polyurethane foam, while upholstery fabrics withstand the weather and are waterproof, removable and washable.

Home coziness comes out with PLISY UP

The warmth of an interior shelter is transferred to a Christmas postcard landscape with the lighting of PLISY UP, a contemporary lantern transformed into a fixed standing rechargeable lamp. PLISY UP PLISY UPa design by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, is a perfect ally in ephemeral spaces or events, being able to place where it is needed with a perfect height (117 cm). Next to the sofa or in a reading corner, this lamp can be relocated to improvise environments. The pleasant ambient light emitted by its fun polyethylene screen lastsfor 5 to 6 hours and has a faint and very special warmth. Its textured thermo-lacquered aluminium foot is available in different colours and is perfect for use outdoors.

If it is grey or snowy, the landscape claims the ray of light, creativity and colour of PLISY UP.

On this snowy carpet of Saint-Sauveur, in the Canadian province of Quebec,
it ends the journey begun in spring in unusual places and extreme landscapes. A tour of the four seasons of the year during which we have made an appeal to creatively enjoy our patios, terraces and gardens wherever and whenever.


The winter with us becomes vital and surprising and fights the low temperatures with the strength of creativity. There is no time or place capable of resisting it, even to a few degrees below zero. With the right equipment, outdoor spaces are a gift that makes no sense to ignore.

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