Going for a dip with Diabla: Las Boas Ibiza

14 July, 2021

From the iconic photographs of Slim Aarons to the aquatic spectacles in the films of Esther Williams, the Hollywood mermaid, to the signature works of David Hockney. Festive and magnetic, swimming pools have been a prolific source of inspiration in the world of art and design.

Endless, architectural, natural, thermal or playful, day or night… all swimming pools have something unexplainable that Diabla, you know that we are the casual firm by Gandia Blasco Group, reinterprets in its collections and turns them into a creative and exciting experience.


In the case of Las Boas Ibiza, a unique space bearing the signature of the prestigious architect Jean Nouvel in collaboration with Ribas&Ribas, the water traces a fresh and dynamic path between the buildings “giving us the pleasure of reflecting on the joy of an unrivalled island”, according to the architect himself. The outlines of this pool-lake, one of the largest residential pools in Europe, also help to reinforce the metaphor of the Ibizan cove suggested by the unique architectural concept.

In Las Boas Ibiza, we reveal the keys to our outdoor furniture and accessories to enjoy the most relaxing and paradise-like oases. Touches of ingenuity that immerse us in the universe of wellbeing and are capable of connecting us with both the environment and our senses.

Diabla Diabla
The 356 collection, creativity at the height of the colourful and luxurious Las Boas Ibiza residential complex, a project by Jean Nouvel

The fun and spontaneous character of 356, with its organic lines, refers to the undulating movement of the structure conceived by Nouvel, conceived to blend the tradition and modernity of the island, as well as its vitality and nature. In fact, the Las Boas apartments are in a privileged location that allows you to enjoy breathtaking views of Dalt Vila, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is not surprising that one of our Diabla designs most often seen next to swimming pools is the 356 series. The pieces in this collection, produced in 100% recyclable polyethylene by rotational moulding, are extremely light and versatile, as they can get wet without sinking. Easy to clean and maintain, the 356 furniture, by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and Pablo Gironés, evokes the first models of the Porsche 356 from the 1950s and is particularly comfortable and resistant. They can also move around easily, which is very important in collective environments where the layout needs to be reconfigured frequently.

Stripped of any superfluous elements, 356 loungers and armchairs generate a strong visual impact with their streamlined lines in full colour or even in white, the tone of Ibiza’s soul chosen for the Las Boas outdoor project. Thanks to their arrangement around the irregular edges of the water areas, they serve as a subtle transition between elements and invite you to lie in the sun while getting your feet wet. In addition, their monochrome white colour scheme provides luminosity during the day and, at nightfall, reflects the projections of coloured lights that illuminate the artificial lake.

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Diabla outdoor design and the architecture of the great Jean Nouvel. Curve by curve, the ergonomics, aesthetics and functionality of the 356 create a distinct formula that fits in with the free and avant-garde style of Nouvel, admired the world over for combining art, aesthetics and architecture in each of his works.

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