Mareta lounge chair

Mareta lounge chair

Mareta is one of our softest seats: a chill-out lounge chair filled with polystyrene beads that reposition and adapt to the shape of your body. It’s like falling on a playful ball pit. Its marked rectilinear forms contrast with the softness of its filling. It is an ideal piece for a chill-out area, thanks to its seat depth, and it is suitable for any surface because it is covered with removable outdoor fabric.

Another one of Mareta’s interesting qualities is that it weighs very little, so you can easily move it to create different configurations. It can be arranged in circular compositions around a coffee table as an informal area to have a drink, but also with a side table in between to enjoy a special moment, for example, a sunset.

By joining several Mareta seats you can create a sofa. Although this a generously sized model, we also have an XL version that works as a two-seater. And if you’re looking to create a space with visual rhythm, you can also combine it with the Sail bean bags.

Diabla tips:

Would you like to pair it with a pouf so that you can stretch out completely? Do not miss this model from the Sail series. The Sail and Mareta collections share the same fabrics, so they will look good together.

If you need a set of side tables, our Arumi models may be the answer.

Dare to experiment with colour combinations. Mix similar or contrasting shades to create an outdoor area, Diabla-style.

If you would rather do it all in the same colour, you won’t fall short of options. Take a look at our powerful yellow, green, blue and, of course, our Diabla red. Consult our colour chart to make sure your choice chromatically harmonizes with the rest of the elements in your space.

110x90x70 cm / 43x35x28 inch
Manufactured in outdoor fabric and filled with polystyrene pearls coated with hydophobic fabric. Removable upholstery

Héctor Serrano

Héctor Serrano trained in Industrial Design in Valencia and he founded his studio in London before he graduated from Royal College of Art. It soon became famous thanks to the innovative approach with which Héctor turns everyday products on their head.

“I try to create products and projects with which I feel identified in the most human, emotional and extraordinary way possible. Somehow I combine two seemingly opposite concepts: innovation and familiarity”

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