The 5 topics for a 2021 with a Diabla attitude

19 January, 2021

More creativity, color and outdoors from the hand of the most avant-garde spirit brand of Gandia Blasco Group.

The challenges and learnings that the past year has left us with bring us a little closer to what is really important and essential for each one of us. The new season delves into the Diabla universe, clarifying the relevance of our approach in the relationship we establish with the spaces and objects that we choose to live with. There are no secrets, finding beauty and fun in the environment in which we live is key and it is in our hands.

1. Enjoy outdoor spaces without limits.

For us, the degree to which we enjoy the outdoors is not decided by the thermometer or the calendar. Creating outdoor experiences is a way of life and, delving into the pages of our catalogs, we realize that everything is a matter of connecting with our desire to squeeze in outdoor moments, either by contemplating winter from our small terrace or garden, sharing an evening under the moon at the best table in our favorite restaurant or losing ourselves among the pages of a good book while lying on the most comfortable hammock in the world.

With their simplicity, PLOID perfectly defines everything that the Diabla character can bring to our outdoor spaces in terms of modularity and comfort. Three generous seating modules and a side table make up the elements of a collection designed to shape dozens of environments in spaces of all types of dimensions and styles. From a casual sofa to an individual relax corner, and from a contemporary armchair to a chaise longue, a love seat, or a splendid chill out bed. We put the best functional design, the quality of weather-resistant materials and the power of color at the service of our inspiration.

The PLOID side table is a design piece that can furnish both indoor and outdoor spaces. Created by the Romero & Vallejo Studio, it offers multiple options to configure unlimited compositions. Its simple aesthetic is based on the roundness of basic geometric shapes and adds rhythm and joy by dressing its textured thermo-lacquered aluminum structure and phenolic board in shades as attractive as Diabla pink. Its height, 55cm, and its surface, 30cm in diameter, make it an unbeatable ally in the small great pleasures of life.

2. Always find time to relax.

Day by day we become more adept at going with the flow and stopping ourselves from recognizing the signs from the noise. Surrounding ourselves with spaces and objects that accompany us in that search for harmony and help us to be ourselves is a good way to reduce the negative effects of emotions

The MARETA and MARETA XL chill-out lounge chairs are an unavoidable invitation to listen to our body and disconnect our mind. Giving ourselves a few minutes to feel the embrace of their gentle forms and touch is a gesture as simple as it is comforting. Filled with polystyrene pearls that reposition and adapt to the shape of your body, these seats evoke the feeling of plunging into a ball-pool.

Protagonists of the most creative and flexible relaxation areas, indoors or outdoors, MARETA and MARETA XL, designed by Héctor Serrano, weigh very little and can be moved easily to create individual refuges, circular combinations or line formations. These models are lined with a removable fabric, specially made for outdoor use and available in more than 20 shades and textures, from the most serene to the most vibrant. Originality is guaranteed thanks to its personality and the possibility of mixing with other equally cuddly pieces, like the armchairs and poufs of the SAIL series, also by Héctor Serrano for Diabla.

3. Never lose the desire to play

Each and every one of our designs is a nod to the playful impulse that hides behind even the most serious ones. From a swing to a simple chair, the creations with the signature of this brand appeal to our fun and more wild side. Let’s enjoy our surroundings with a new, innocent and curious look and do it as a game in which the least important thing is to win.

The bean bag chairs from the SAIL and SAIL MINI series are pleasing and attractive for young and old alike. As well as being extremely comfortable thanks to the polystyrene pearl filling, they end up being very practical thanks to their removable upholstery -in twenty colors- and the ease with which they can be transported. Creating a kids area in any corner, revolutionizing work meetings or providing an extra dose of play and comfort in any room, bar or terrace are only some of the many possibilities of SAIL and SAIL MINI. Its mission? To transform spaces into moments of recreation and well-being in which even boredom is pleasant.

4. Discover our more creative side.

We produce creative proposals for stylish environments and people as unconventional and unpredictable as the designs that make up the brand. And this is only made possible when a team of designers never stop thinking of new, casual and creative ways to enjoy the outdoors wherever and whenever.

A hammock freely inhabiting both the beach and the snow? Everything is possible if we have an open, enthusiastic and cosmopolitan attitude of life in the outdoors, regardless of the weather and the geographic coordinates. TRIP, by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and Borja García, has no fear of reinterpreting a classic in order to experiment with shapes and materials and to explore the possibilities of a timeless concept.

The iconic foldable chairs and reclining hammocks TRIP are the best companies for a relaxing day anywhere. Being foldable and very light, its easy to get out with them and have thousands of conversations, readings and toasts, resting on the tubular aluminum structure and plastic fabric of the back and seat. In the TRIP hammock, with its comfortable cushion at head height, disconnection is guaranteed at any of its four positions (100 º, 107 º, 114 º and 120 º)

5.Surround ourselves with art and colour.

The whites, grays and sands of the brand’s color chart fill any environment with light and elegance. Although, without the brimming vitality of tones such as red, pink, blue or mustard we could not be talking about Diabla. In the contrast between the monochrome blocks and in the unexpected, yet at the same time, harmonious combinations, we find the essence of this brand, strongly rooted in the decorative and expressive properties of color.

The ABSTRAKT MONA table in red becomes, in just a few strokes, the maximum expression of Diabla’s passion, not only for its color strength but for its art. The attractive geometric graphics of the top of this single leg table is a design by the British Jonathan Lawes, who, applying his own creative universe, has created two types of prints for Diabla’s MONA tables. Pinks and reds in simple geometric shapes and overlays conquere a palette of white, grey and anthracite background.

Ideal for both indoor settings and outdoor spaces, ABSTRAKT MONA is available in different heights and diameters and it makes very easy to introduce a decorative element, of graphic character, into any environment through the furniture. Whether it be taking over a small private space such as a living room, studio or office or forming part of a collective installation in a contract project, ABSTRAKT MONA blurs the boundaries between design and art.

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