Diabla 2022 Annex

27 January, 2022

The journey begun with the 2021 Diabla catalogue was conceived at a time marked by the impossibility of leaving home. This gave free rein to the imagination before the interdiction of travels. The journey continues and takes us to new destinations through the 2022 Annex: ‘Adventure Accomplished’. The culmination of this imaginary adventure full of emotion during the four seasons reveals a universal truth: it is impossible to stop the innate instinct to explore and connect with the nature. Travel, even in dreams, allows us to evade and find beauty anywhere in the world.


The 2022 Annex takes the baton from the 2021 catalogue of novelties: it puts creative freedom and amazement in front of the most beautiful natural landscapes at the service of the brand’s new releases: PATOSO, CALCETÍN, VALENTINA UP, COSTURAS and the new designs of the TRIP collection. Borders open in front of our eyes, outer spaces have taken on a new and valuable meaning and we can finally go out in search of those well-being, peace and balance that only natural environments can give us.

COSTURAS, the Base and Ball poufs by Teresa Sapey & Partners

As a result of our first collaboration with Teresa Sapey, we discover the COSTURAS collection, a design with a sporty spirit in the shape of a multipurpose pouf which unites, under the same concept, two essential geometric shapes such as the square and the circle in an iconic piece of furniture, elegant and simple as it is a baseball.

Teresa Sapey
“I think that interior and exterior design are coming increasingly interlinked, especially in countries with hotter Mediterranean climates –the origin of Diabla, Sapey and now COSTURAS! Of course, when developing COSTURAS we wanted to create a versatile product for both the interior and the exterior, for children and adults, for homes and hotels and restaurants.”
PATOSO, the pouf turned into a designer armchair; CALCETÍN, the latticework with removable cover, and VALENTINA UP, the new raised edition of Valentina, all of them created by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco

From the hand of Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, Diabla’s creative director and versatile designer, we see how a sock (CALCETÍN in Spanish) becomes an original separator and a soft seat rises on its legs until it becomes the charismatic PATOSO pouf. For its part, the award-winning VALENTINA series, which broke into the Diabla imaginary to decontextualize the cushion, elevates itself in the VALENTINA UP reinterpretation, where it acquires a more singular and ergonomic presence thanks to the new serrated legs.

Alejandra Gandia-Blasco
“The difference is that suddenly they have legs, but not for running away! The tabletop of the coffee tables is a sheet of solid aluminium whereas before the tabletop was a thin curved layer of curved aluminium. They are sturdier tables, but they are much friendlier than the ones from the previous collection.”
“This separator is based on one of those daily and repetitive actions that, when you think about them, they become somewhat absurd,
like putting on a sock”
TRIP, the new portable folding tables and chairs by José A. Gandía-Blasco and Borja García

This collection of nomadic soul is expanded with new designs devised by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and Borja García. These are a director’s chair, a sexy hammock, and three circular tables in different heights and diameters. The new furniture piecesare light, foldable and funproof creations that can be easily adapted to anytime, anywhere.

José A. Gandia-Blasco
“There are many interpretations of the director’s chair model. We had one part originally, a rectangular profile, to which we wanted to add a tube profile to incorporate it into the TRIP collection.” There was no other pretension that could make a version that would fit into the trip collection.”
Borja García
“I see it as a new interpretation of the classical archetype, with a reinterpreted aesthetic, new dimensions and new comfort at the centre of it.”
In Diabla 2022 Annex, nothing is what it seems.

Observe it as if it were an exhibition of dioramas. Or perhaps as if you were circling the world by challenging the laws of space-time. It can be lived however you want, but when you get to the last page, you will just want to think about your next trip.

“The design process of the new catalogue of Diablawas quite experimental, as we mentioned. In addition, the concept of the seasons gave us a lot of scope to try out different layouts. We tried to make them graphically related to the experiences that can be perceived in each season of the year. The truth is that it was very experimental and enriching.”
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