Diabla’s attitude breaks into the digital world: a new creative magazine-style website

17 February, 2022

The Diabla red runs through the veins of the latest digital project signed by the P.A.R. studio. After working on the 2021 catalogue and on the 2022 annex, the Barcelona design and creative direction studio, formed by Lucía Castro and Iris Tárraga, transfers Diabla’s inspirational and nonconformist attitude onto the digital space.


The challenge was to convert our online catalogue into a whole new digital universe able to express our personality and dynamism in all its glory, and able to do so in an intuitive, attractive and very visual way. When going through all the collections and designs of our catalogues, the final solution puts the emphasis on the most suggestive and ‘close’ dimension of Diabla in the graphic language of the firm and in its distinctive color combinations.

Diabla’s new website invites you on an immersive journey that highlights fascinating outdoor spaces throughout the four seasons.

The modern photographs, with a retro air to it and feminine energy, show places of the planet such as the quarry of Carrara in the Apuan Alps in winter; the arid desert of Siloli, southwest of Bolivia, in autumn; sunflowers in the Burgos countryside of the Bureba in summer; and Mount Fuji covered by the spring flower tapestry of Shibazakura.

If a simple mouse-over movement on an image awakens the sounds that take us to a dream landscape, with a singular horizontal scroll we get to know in an interactive way each of the designers who collaborate with us, remember that we are the youngest and most casual firm of Gandia Blasco Group. From Teresa Sapey to Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, and from Mut Design to Made Studio, passing through Democràcia Studio or José A. Gandía-Blasco.

A website adapted to current trends in content consumption on mobile devices and with a surprising layout designed to capture attention; the user can flow easily and naturally through the different tabs of the page: the Product category, the Attitude magazine, the Designers album, the Downloads and the resources for professionals sections… In addition to a selection of ideas and technical information, the website includes a “Maintenance” section with tips and recommendations, since one of the strengths of our creations is their long life. And what sets the brand apart from the other players in the market is its great value for money-design.

The virtual itinerary around the timeless, colourful and informal collections counts with numerous details that are a reminder of a physical showroom experience.

On the other hand, the Attitude magazine collects our own content -news, projects and campaigns- and opens up to related plans and proposals, from an exhibition of contemporary art to a playlist. The goal is that anyone who visits the website to find out what’s new from the designer furniture and outdoor accessories brand for residential and contract spaces, gets carried away by Diabla to feel what is like to enjoy the outdoors with style and freedom during the 365 days of the year and being oneself.

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