Air High Stool

Air High Stool

Avoiding all the usual features ofhigh stools, Air is a design with a completely atypical appearance that simplifies the leg structure you normally see on a seat like this into one single architecturally inspired volume. An outdoor stool in the purest style of its designer, Valencia-born Héctor Serrano, whose work always tends to explore the most unexpected concepts.

One of the most interesting features of Air is the importance of the parts that aren’t there, with empty spaces designed in a way that adds lightness to the piece, in terms of its weight and appearance, despite the design’s marked architectural strength. As an added bonus, this elegant outdoor polyethylene stool is made with 100% recyclable material and is also available in a low version.

Diabla tips:

You don’t have to keep it outside. If you think it fits in a particular area inside your home, go ahead!

In fact, this high stool is an item that would be great for a breakfast counter or a kitchen island.

Make the most of the range of colours it’s available in for make a radical change to the décor in your outdoor area. Be bold and go for a pink one. Or a pair in pink plus another pair in white. Use our colour chart to make sure your choice matches your existing colour scheme.

40x30x77 cm / 16x12x30 inch
Made of rotomoulded 100% recyclable polyethylene

Héctor Serrano

Héctor Serrano trained in Industrial Design in Valencia and he founded his studio in London before he graduated from Royal College of Art. It soon became famous thanks to the innovative approach with which Héctor turns everyday products on their head.

“I try to create products and projects with which I feel identified in the most human, emotional and extraordinary way possible. Somehow I combine two seemingly opposite concepts: innovation and familiarity”

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