Vent High Stool Model 1

Vent High Stool Model 1

This is the high stool version of the Vent chair, a series that we at Diabla consider our chameleon, since each piece seems to change completely in appearance and style depending on its colour. In neutral tones, such as white, light grey or anthracite, they appear as a discreet, sober and elegant design. But in colours like pink, red, blue or yellow, however, they can become that colourful and fun piece that every space needs.

The Vent 1 stool is available with a high or low backrest and has a very simple aesthetic, so it can be combined with high bar tables or kitchen islands of very different styles. In addition, Vent 1 is a weather resistant product designed to be used out in the open and made with materials suitable for outdoor use. This is the version with steel rod runner legs, but we also make another version with 4 legs.

Diabla tips:

This stool is the perfect piece to bring radical change to any given environment for very little. Just add bright coloured Vent stools and you’ll have little else to change.

Dare also to combine Vent models in different colours. Remember that you can consult our colour card to make sure your choice chromatically harmonizes with your space.

The Vent series is specially designed for outdoor spaces, but it is a very versatile element -if you want to use this stool for a kitchen island or a breakfast area inside the house, go ahead!

54x52x105 cm / 21x20x42 inch
Made of Thermo-lacquered galvanized steel and stiff polyurethane. Stackable

Made Studio

Made Studio was founded in Valencia in 2017 by architects Borja García and Laura Ros. Focused on the development of architectural projects, interior design and product design, the studio joins professionals from industrial and architectural design.

“I have always enjoyed asking myself how and why things are done. What started out as a concern, little by little turned into a passion and finally became a profession”.

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