Plisy portable lamp

Plisy portable lamp

Thanks to its folds made with an unexpected material, polyethylene, and wrist bag-style cord, Plisy is the perfect lighting complement to give a chic and fun touch to an outdoor evening. A portable lamp that translates the aesthetics of elegantly pleated indoor lamp screens into a piece specially designed for outdoor use. Plisy is a stylish and technological reinvention of the garden lantern, which incorporates LED light and is charged by USB.

A seven-hour charge provides ten hours of light at maximum intensity, which can be regulated by touching its power button with your fingers. Although it is portable, it is accompanied by a base made of iron rod. This stand, reminiscent of those used in the most elegant restaurants to accommodate handbags with their owners, enables the users to place Plisy near a dining table or in a corner.

Diabla tips:

The Plisy nautical cord handle is available in several colors and can be used to move the lamp from place to place like a lantern or on the wrist. Charge it up at home and take it to the park, to the beach or for a night walk.

This lamp is perfect if you do not have light sources in your outdoor area. Use the handle to hang it as a wall lamp or place it on its base as a floor light.

Plisy is intended as a portable outdoor lamp, but you can also use it indoors. Use its base to set it near a dining table or reading corner, a hallway area or by the entrance to the house.

Use it as an auxiliary table lamp inside the house, when you need to light up your outdoor area or take it with you to a night outing.

Ø21x33 cm / Ø8x13 inch
Polyethelene shade. Braided rope polyester.

Technical Data

3000k warm white color. 150 lm, 5V - 5h charge. 4/5h high brightness - 10/11h low brightness. Angled charger wire
DNA Paris Design Awards WINNER 2019
string - Cuerda Blanco
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Alejandra Gandia-Blasco

Alejandra Gandía-Blasco is the assistant director of GANDIA BLASCO GROUP’s Communication. She graduated in Fine Art and then completed her training in Design and Communication at Central Saint Martins in London. She is an interdisciplinary creative, her work is based from visual arts and collective memory applied to the design of everyday objects and communication.

“More than beautiful and well-done things, I am interested in ideas and experiences. The rest is taken for granted. It is a challenge to rethink the objects and the reality that surrounds us with sufficient critical capacity”.

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