Diabla at the Salone del Mobile Milano 2022

14 June, 2022

CALCETÍN, PATOSO, COSTURAS, VALENTINA UP, BALCONI and the expansion of the TRIP family are the launches that the youngest firm of Gandia Blasco Group has presented at the stand of the company, designed by the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.

With its daring attitude and suitcases full of novelties, DIABLA has once again embarked on its journey to the Salone del Mobile in Milan to surprise with its latest launches in the field of outdoor furniture. The 60th edition of the fair, which has taken place from 7th to 12th of June, has represented the long-awaited return of the Milanese event in its original set-up, the unfailing event for professionals in the design and creativity sector and which Diabla has not missed.

DIABLA has had its own space in the stand that the renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has designed for Gandia Blasco Group at the Fiera Milano Rho, inspired by the Mediterranean essence of the company and with wood as the main character. There, DIABLA has premiered collections born to respond with creativity, style and dynamism to the new ways of enjoying outdoor life during the four seasons. These are COSTURAS, conceived by Teresa Sapey + Partners; CALCETÍN, PATOSO and VALENTINA UP, by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco; BALCONI, devised together with OiKO Design Office; and TRIP, a series created by José A. Gandía-Blasco and Borja García that expands again with new elements.

The brand’s 2021 novelties has also debuted in Milan, after last year’s virtual edition. GRILL, by Mut Design, PLISY UP, by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, and LILLY, by Democràcia Estudio, has also brought the freshness and color of DIABLA to the Salone.

A selection of novelties marked by creative freedom, outdoor fun and sustainable materials

Inspired by the baseball as an iconic, elegant and close element, the COSTURAS pouf represents the union between the creative and casual style of DIABLA with the enthusiastic Italian architect Teresa Sapey. This design available in two versions, Base and Ball, has a firm foam base and it is filled with polystyrene beads and covered with a removable upholstery made of waterproof fabric. The decor consists of seams that makes it recognizable at a glance, this easy-to-carry element is able to impress character to any space.

The designer Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, creative director of DIABLA, signs two of the collections DIABLA has unveiled in Milan. On the one hand, the designer uses the method of the master Achille Castiglioni to reflect on the functionality of everyday objects and to give it a new twist to create new associations of ideas related to those same elements.

As a result of this practice is born CALCETÍN, a multifaceted separator of semi-curved structure, made of thermo-lacquered aluminium, iron legs and waterproof fabric: its concept is based on a daily action as repetitive as putting on a sock.Moreover, PATOSO is a pouf filled with polystyrene beads that becomes a small lounge chair. Small legs attached to a curved aluminium structure lift it from the ground; while the pattern designed to shape it collects the body and accommodates it naturally.

Alejandra Gandía-Blasco also presents VALENTINA UP, a new version of the collection that made its way into DIABLA with the mission of decontextualizing the cushion. This carefree collection of sofas, loungers and side tables rise from the ground thanks to the addition of toothed legs with a friendly air reminiscent of the animal world. The new edition is the answer to a need, that of improving its ergonomics by raising the lightweight iron rod structure.


With BALCONI, another of the most outstanding novelties, DIABLA moves forward on its way to circularity. This collection consists of a folding chair and table, created by OiKO Design Office, and it is committed to creative design to give new life to post-consumer materials such as plastic from soap bottles and detergent trashed in the yellow recycling bin. Attached to a structure of thermo-lacquered aluminium and by giving shape to seats, backrests and very resistant surfaces, it gives life to different slats made from post-consumer plastic waste with a traceability certificate.

BALCONI demonstrates the great potential of the circularity of plastics and reaffirms DIABLA’s commitment to the use of recyclable and recycled materials of high durability made for outdoor spaces.

TRIP, a classic of nomadic spirit revisited by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and Borja García, has revealed some of the latest joiners to the family, such as the sexy hammock or the low table. Lightweight, foldable and funproof creations, produced by DIABLA, that adapt to any time and place with complete ease, especially in changing outdoor spaces. The tubular profiles in thermo-lacquered aluminium, omnipresent in the collection, update the traditional folding wooden furniture, and gain durability and contemporary character.

A special mention to collections of the 2021 catalogue “Diabla Spaces: Enjoy the Great Outdoors”

GRILL, which landed in DIABLA as the most graphic and lightest collection, is for its creators, Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón from Mut Design, “a design with a lot of personality that could be considered, beyond its functionality, an artistic piece, like translating Mondrian to an everyday object from a very free and contemporary perspective.” DIABLA has displayedat the Salone del Mobile the high table and chairs from this groundbreaking collection of furniture for outdoor spaces.


On the other hand, in the field of lighting, DIABLA has presented in Milan the new generation of PLISY, the PLISY UP floor lamp, designed by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco and distinctive for its pleasant ambient light. “Refreshes an object that is very present in our collective memory: the lamp with a pleated fabric shade that has always been in our homes. PLISY UP preserves its emotional charge in a portable design, suitable for outdoor use and that integrates rechargeable LED technology.” At the fair, attendees have discovered the three types of lamps in the series: PLISY UP LAMP, PLISY LAMP and PLISY PORTABLE.

The outdoor armchairs from the LILLY collection, by Democràcia Estudio, have landed in Milan with their simple and rational lines with a curvilinear and sinuous layout. “Lilly Reich, like so many other women, has been forgotten in history. And it is time to give recognition to the work of these overlooked designers and give them the prominence they deserve. Hence the name of the collection, it has been designed to cross that paradigm and endure over time.”

Thanks to all the people who have come to see us in Milan and to the designers, collaborators and media who have accompanied us on this journey.

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