23 June, 2022

New collections to refresh the summer with an extra of creativity

Summer is for resting, but also for adventure. A mixture of both is the perfect combination for any vital traveler at this time of the year. With our shapes, materials, colors and a touch of hedonism, our latest outdoor furniture designs show off our most summery and refreshing side.

Landscapes that are extraordinary, but that constitute the routine environment of others, are the protagonists of Diabla’s summer portraits. Its hammocks, loungers, sofas, armchairs, poufs and outdoor tables guide the imagination on a journey through some of the most fascinating places in the world and reconcile us with those places, often very close, where in summer we discover new meanings for the word extraordinary.


Irony, color and good vibes in the new designs by Teresa Sapey, Alejandra Gandia-Blasco, José A. Gandia-Blasco Canales and Borja García for Diabla

A visit to the curious monkeys of one of the best-known beaches of the Phi Phi Islands, a dream getaway to the northeast of Brazil, a safari through the Namib and a photographic excursion
through steppe plains in the north of Spain. Our plans for this summer are as original and eclectic as our designs, conceived to enjoy the outdoors beyond good weather and anywhere in the world.


Near or far from home, the anesthetic effect produced by the sun and water on the body is
unbeatable to relax and unwind. Diabla, we are the youngest firm in the Gandia Blasco Group, encourages you to taste it by relaxing on the PATOSO poufs winner of NYCxDESIGN 2022 in outdoor seating category, and enjoying an intimate corner created with the help of the CALCETÍN dividers. All this, in a virtual trip to the Monkey Beach in the largest of the two main Phi Phi islands, Thailand. With calm waters and virgin vegetation, this destination is a must for lovers of animals in their natural habitat.

Following the footsteps of the master Achille Castiglioni’s method to reflect on the functionality of everyday objects, Alejandra Gandía-Blasco gives those same elements a twist to create new and surprising conceptual associations. The results are multifunctional, curvilinear and fun designs such as PATOSO, a peculiar fabric armchair filled with recyclable polystyrene pearls that becomes a small lounge armchair by means of small legs attached to an aluminum structure, and CALCETÍN, a multifaceted separator with a semi-curved structure, made of thermo-lacquered aluminium, thermo-lacquered zinc-plated steel bases and water-repellent fabric with removable upholstery that closes with a zipper. Both are bold, light and resistant designs that adapt to both outdoor and indoor spaces.

From Asia to South America and from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic. We travel to the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park together with TRIP, by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and Borja García for Diabla Outdoor. Accompanied by the new portable designs of this iconic family, inspired by traditional folding furniture for use outdoors, we embark on a walk through a unique landscape that combines a magical desert of white sand and lagoons of crystal-clear water. We take off our shoes to sink our feet into the sand and enjoy the comfort of TRIP while observing the diversity its ecosystems.

A simplified and current director’s chair, a sensual and expressive hammock and three circular tables in different heights and diameters are the latest members to join the collection, made up of light and funproof creations that adapt easily at any time and place. Thermo-lacquered aluminum profiles give shape to pieces that reinterpret industrial design classics from a fresh and casual approach.


Willing to note down landscapes by the sea in our travel notebook, we try to gives you the experience of a safari through Namib-Naukluft, in Namibia. In this desert park next to the Atlantic Ocean, one of the oldest in the world, there are the highest sand dunes in the world. After exploring this land of contrasts that alternates steep mountains with gigantic reddish-orange dunes, humid mists and dry winds, we stop along the way and set up camp with elements from the VALENTINA UP series, designed by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco.

The sofas, armchairs, loungers and tables of the collection become the perfect allies to contemplate the spectacle of a summer sunset by the dunes of Sossusvlei and the dehydrated acacias of Deadvlei, which could be almost a thousand years old but are still intact because the lack of moisture prevents its decomposition. The VALENTINA UP designs, light, fun and elegant, are built from the minimum elements and put into practice the maxim ‘less is more’ of Mies van der Rohe with originality. Conceived as a review of the VALENTINA collection, awarded in several design competitions in 2019, VALENTINA UP reinvents its popular original designs by incorporating V-shaped zinc-plated iron rod legs that improve the ergonomics of this outdoor furniture by raising it from the floor.

Lastly, it is in Las Pedrosas, in the Cinco Villas region (Zaragoza, Spain), where we become aware that, although our travel instinct leads us to explore foreign places, in the Mediterranean basin, Diabla’s homeland, we have the fortune to be able to enjoy wonderful paradises. Taking a seat on the new Base and Ball poufs from the COSTURAS collection, we take the definitive photo of summer: the cylindrical bales of wheat that, under the summer light, coexist with steppe species originating from Russia, who do not know how they have made their journey to Aragon.

Teresa Sapey + Partners, which signs COSTURAS, was looking for a deliberate prominence
of the stitches that give its name to an outdoor seat inspired by baseballs and available in two versions: square and round. Its removable upholstery is made of resistant textured outdoor fabric, while its foam padding and polystyrene pearls not only make COSTURAS outdoor furniture incredibly comfortable, but also very light.


Our novelties make us feel the emotion of a summer at the Monkey Beach, Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Sossusvlei and Las Pedrosas, connecting the dots between interconnected
landscapes and shocking evolutions, where the ephemeral phenomena of nature we try to capture your full attention as vital travelers.


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