Diabla Spring 2022: Adventure Accomplished

1 March, 2022

New designs to enjoy the season of splendor outdoors

There is a lot of uniqueness in our environment and, precisely because we are exposed to it routinely, we don’t even realize it. The restrictions on travel due to the pandemic have made us look at these spaces with different eyes. To feel them at a slower pace.

To all these places we have traveled with Diabla newness, with the feeling of having grown as explorers. And that is because when we return from a trip we are no longer the same. Just like we left our footprints on strange territories, they leave their mark on us.


It’s always spring somewhere. Diabla’s new outdoor collections transmit that creative and omnipresent energy of the happiest season of the year both from their forms and in the way they invite us to use their designs.

And the images of its new campaign, featuring poufs, loungers, hammocks, armchairs and outdoor tables, take us to different parts of the world to pay homage to the splendor of spring from its less conventional and fresh expression.


TRIP, VALENTINA UP, PATOSO, CALCETÍN and COSTURAS reinterpret the spring outdoor trends

From Lake Tyrrell to the Netherlands Antilles, and from the Dead Sea to Stonehenge. A capricious route designed outside the laws of space-time. Miles and miles that are worth traveling 365 days a year, accompanied by Diabla —a curious brand by nature— to discover dreamlike landscapes and understand what lies beyond the nearest surroundings.

We travel to Lake Tyrrell, Australia

The ephemeral phenomena of nature have a special attraction for vital travelers. Willing to honor the name of the TRIP collection, a design by José A. Gandía-Blasco and Borja García, we embark on the journey by flying to Australia to experience one of these volatile wonders. Lake Tyrrell, a large inland saltwater lake, evaporates during the summer and sometimes turns pink during hot and humid periods due to a pigment produced by certain algae. Inspired by Diabla’s predilection for this color, it is imperative to see it live from the comfort and relaxation provided by the TRIP series designs.

These classics revisited with a nomadic feel include a director’s chair, a sexy hammock and three circular tables in different heights and diameters. These are light, foldable and funproof creations that can be easily adapted anytime, anywhere. The thermo-lacquered aluminum tubular profiles, a hallmark of the collection, give shape to seats that reinterpret the classics of industrial design in a fresher way. And they also fold easily and they weigh and occupy very little.

We visited the island of Bonaire, in the Netherlands Antilles

The Island of Bonaire, in the Netherlands Antilles, stands out for its white sand beaches and pink water, which owe their unique colors to its location, surrounded by coral reefs. The thin legs of the flamingos that walk along the shore of this Caribbean island are reminiscent of the bases of the renewed VALENTINA UP collection. A very light structure made of iron rod contrasts with the voluminous cushions of seats and loungers, emulating the figure of this nice bird.

Now raised off the ground and with improved ergonomics with the addition of serrated legs, this casual collection of sofas, sun loungers and side tables feature generous polyurethane foam cushions and memory foam padding to fully conform to the body. For its part, the VALENTINA UP tables use a solid aluminum sheet as a top welded to the structure and acquire a forceful presence thanks to the original legs and the thickness of the surface.

We relaxed at the Dead Sea

In the Dead Sea, the temperature is like spring almost all year round. To celebrate this much-desired season in other latitudes, the PATOSO pouf and the CALCETÍN partition walls, both novelties designed by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, are relocated to one of the oddest salt islands in a lake that is so unusual. A tree also celebrates life in this strange aquatic paradise whose high concentration of salt makes existence practically impossible. This solitary tree is a local initiative that attracts many adventurous people who accept the challenge of reaching it by swimming despite how difficult it is due to the salt.

CALCETÍN is a good choice to keep yourself isolated from prying eyes during outdoor relaxation. This multifaceted room divider with a semi-curved structure is made of thermo-lacquered aluminum and iron and has a removable upholstery in water-repellent fabric that closes with a zipper. Relaxation is guaranteed by PATOSO, a pouf filled with polystyrene pearls that turns into a small and comfortable lounge chair through small legs attached to an aluminum structure. Like all of Diabla’s creations, CALCETÍN and PATOSO pouf are available in fabrics of different textures and colors to create all kinds of combinations.

We contemplated the Stonehenge monument in Salisbury, UK

When spring comes to an end in the south of England, we conclude the itinerary by playing at building structures with the new COSTURAS poufs. A mischievous wink in front of the enormous Stonehenge leaves us with a most striking image in which our first collaboration with Teresa Sapey becomes a co-star. This megalithic monument is famous for how the sun is positioned in the axis of the construction during the winter and summer solstices, slipping with extraordinary precision between its stones and generating quite a spectacle.

The Base and Ball poufs from the COSTURAS collection unite, under the same concept, two essential geometric shapes such as the square and the circle in a seat as iconic, elegant and simple as a Baseball. These versatile pieces have a firm foam base filled with polystyrene beads and are covered with a removable water-repellent fabric upholstery that closes with a zipper and shows off those attractive seams that often remain hidden.


The spring pages of our calendar portray an imaginary expedition through extraordinary landscapes where beauty flourishes in ways that are as original and inspiring as the ingenious details hidden in our new designs.

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