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6 October, 2022

Autumn is a time to harvest creativity and plan new adventures with our latest Diabla designs.

The season of transition, autumn, is for us a multifaceted period: just as it invites us to give a new breath to the indoor and outdoor environments we live in, it also pushes us to let go and embark on a new adventure of freedom with the most amazing nature as a backdrop. Be that as it may, autumn is synonymous with new opportunities.

From the autumnal pages of the Annex 2022, which has the slogan “Adventure Accomplished”, our Diabla’s new collections inspire us in change and renewal evoking the shapes, materials and finishes of ephemeral landscapes tinged with golden reflections, grey skies or festivities in an authentic pumpkin color.


TRIP, COSTURAS, VALENTINA UP, PATOSO and CALCETÍN defy the laws of space and time to show us all their potential in suggestive scenes.

Our most ground-breaking chairs, armchairs, tables, poufs and hammocks of Gandia Blasco Group’s youngest brand embark on a tour of remote places and pay tribute to the restless spirit of the explorer that many people carry inside. From an ancient desert to a festive orchard or from a beach in the Arctic Circle to a sacred enclave. Any place is appropriate if it inspires us to be more creative in our patios, terraces, gardens and, why not, even indoors.


The sinuous undulations of the Paria Canyon in Arizona form a hypnotic landscape on which the TRIP folding collection rests in the autumn sun. Sand dunes solidified into waves of terrain creating an incredible rock formation thanks to the persistent effects caused by wind erosion. The contrast between the softness of the lines drawn by nature and the hardness of the stone serves as inspiration for TRIP, as light as it is weather-resistant.

The series, designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and Borja García, consists of tables, chairs and hammocks that can be easily carried and placed anywhere. For lounging, TRIP offers three types of seating: a chair, a reclining hammock, and a low beach option. To complete the collection are a dining table and two side tables, lower and smaller for relaxed seating. A line of vibrant furniture that casually reinterprets a design classic and accompanies the customer where, when and how they need it, whatever the time of year.

In preparation for All Saints’ Day, Teresa Sapey + Partners’ designs for Diabla, COSTURAS, land a new stop in North America. In the state of New Hampshire, the rounded version of the poufs -Ball- multiplies to become an improvised ally to celebrate the pumpkin festival. Surrounded by orange in all its gradients, these soft seats are upholstered in the iconic Diabla yellow without renouncing their fun personality, accentuated by the red stitching that stands out in their contours.

COSTURAS conveys the aesthetic strength of a baseball, a casual element that reinvents itself while highlighting the stitched details that other elements choose to hide. With a five-centimetre firm foam base and polystyrene bead filling, it is covered with a removable upholstery that zips closed and is made of a water-repellent fabric.


VALENTINA UP flies to the Icelandic beaches of Vik and Reynisfjara to discover their black sand and strange basalt formations. The designs of the series, by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, are built from minimalist elements and materials: the thermo-lacquered and textured zinc-plated iron rod that outlines its structure and the generous cushions, filled with visco-elastic and covered with water-repellent upholstery.

As a natural evolution of the VALENTINA collection -awarded in the industrial design category at the Ibero-American Design Biennial (BID) 2018-, the VALENTINA UP sofas, armchairs, loungers and tables are raised in this new edition on V-shaped legs to improve their ergonomics. An allusion which, in addition to adding comfort, enhances the personality of this type of furniture designed to style fun, elegant and fully customizable environments.

Finally, just before the arrival of winter, there is nothing like escaping to a warm place like Mahabalipuram, where a gigantic and enigmatic rock, Krishna’s butterball, balances on a hill. In this enclave of great importance for Hinduism, CALCETÍN and PATOSO test their endurance in the middle of the rainy season. Upholstered in a special outdoor fabric, they are versatile elements for creating lounge atmospheres both indoors and outdoors.

With a contrasting finish – between the sand of the fabric and the Diabla red of the frames – the poufs with PATOSO legs and the CALCETÍN dividers are more discreet than usual, but without sacrificing a touch of color. Both designs, which work perfectly together to create intimate improvised environments, arise from the intention of Alejandra Gandía-Blasco to give a twist to everyday objects to generate new concepts, inspired by the master Achille Castiglioni.And taking one of the famous phrases of master Castiglioni as the mantra for this new season: “if you are not curious, forget it.”

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